Fur or Bow?

Royal Hats As you know, Queen Elizabeth does not often mix and match her hats with different outfits. We saw this happen at Christmas with her black fur hat (see here); another rare exception to this “rule” was made for her camel coat with fur cuffs. In April 2006 for Prince Harry’s Passing Out Ceremony at Sandhurst, she wore a camel cloche with large bow. When she repeated the coat in February 2009 (for the unveiling of the new statue of her mother), she wore an asymmetrical fur hat matching the coat’s fur cuffs. Which hat do you prefer with this coat?

Queen Elizabeth, April 12, 2006 | The Royal Hats Blog Queen Elizabeth, February 24, 2009  | The Royal Hats Blog

Update- I have replaced the photo of the fur hat with one that shows the cuffs on Her Majesty’s coat, as per your requests!

Photo from Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty and WPA Pool via Zimbio

49 thoughts on “Fur or Bow?

  1. The image with the bow hat has deeper saturation ofcolour, so it is almost not comparing apples with apples. The fur image is washed out, and suddenly Lilibet has a myriad of lines under her eyes highlighted, thus it is an aging look for her. She certainly looks like her mum in the bottom image, her face looks much rounder. This is a no-brainer for my taste, the bow hat wins.

  2. Even though I am not a fan of fur, I will admit that the *fur* hat is the best, it makes QEII look very elegant and chic. It softens her face and with the fur on the sleeves, it just makes the outfit more pulled together. She is a beautiful lady always.

  3. It makes perfect sense that QE has two hats made for a coat if one of them is fur. She might want to wear the coat earlier in fall or later in spring if it is chilly but with a wool hat. These hats are both wonderful.

  4. I like the fur hat… the brimmed one seems to shade her face and the colouring does not compliment her complexion. It may also be that that smile on her face whilst wearing the fur hat is eye catching compared to the slight frown in the hat.

  5. I prefer the fur, particularly since there are big fur cuffs on the coat, but I like the bow hat as well.
    Since the fur hat first was worn to a memorial for the Queen Mother, my assumption always has been that this new hat was created to remember the style of hat frequently worn by the Queen Mother. Especially in the 1940s, she (and everyone else of her position) wore fur with everything, not just on the collar but often on the head. Many of the Queen Mother’s hats in later years were sloped like this one too.

  6. They are both lovely hats, but I’m going with the fur, especially in this case as it just looks like something QEQM herself would have worn, so I think HM meant it as a tribute of sorts (and also wearing her mother’s brooch).

  7. MrFitzroy votes for …..BOTH! Amazing how completely the look can change by swapping out a hat (and brooch). At first it seemed just the stern face vs smile, but its more than that.
    In the fabric hat HM absolutely channels Queen Mary (right down to the posture).
    In the fur hat, HM absolutely favors her mother (even though the Queen Mum would have been unlikely to wear that particular hat, her essence is there, it’s not just the brooch!)

  8. Not sure which I like best but I cannot see the bow hat as being a cloche..?? It is a hat with a brim – why would it be called a cloche? Perhaps I need another hat lesson!

    • You’re right- it’s not a traditional cloche but a brimmed variation of one. I’m not sure what to call this shape of hat… so back to the research desk for me!

  9. I vote for fur!
    Such a fun look, and different from what she typically wears. The cloche is a nice shape on her, but very typical. It also leaves the fur-trimmed cuffs looking very odd on their own. I do agree with others that this is not her very best color, however.

    • Meant to add, that the fur was so appropriate for the unveiling of her mother’s statue. It is very reminiscent of something the Q-Mum would’ve worn.

  10. Never mind fur or cloth – this colour is not good on HM! She is completely washed out! I love her in brights and in pastels but not this….blergh colour.

  11. There is no contest for me… I much prefer the cloth hat to the fur! The cloth hat gives HM height and moves the eye away from the collar-less jacket!

  12. The fur hat looked odd to me until I searched for more pictures. When you see the fur cuffs on the coat as well as the hat, then it works much better. http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Queen+Elizabeth+II/Queen+Unveils+New+Statue+Queen+Elizabeth+Queen/4yDDNbO230u

    Still, I prefer the other look. The light was better so the colour is more vivid and I like the hat more.
    I don’t have a problem with fur, but this particular hat, at that angle, with the slightly darker bit peeking out under the fur. No. Perhaps this hat would work better with a contrasting coloured coat… In this photo it’s all too pale (perhaps if I saw this combo in better lighting I might change my mind, because it does look cozy).

  13. This is a tough one with out seeing the cuffs in the second photo. I was leaning towards the cloche, but the fur hat may have brought more balance to the overall outfit.

    • I need to change my vote- with the updated photo, I like the fur hat much better. It looks great with the fur cuffs and the angle of the fur hat is really sweet on the Queen.

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