Cambridges Kick Off Tour

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Wellington today to began their long-awaited tour of New Zealand and Australia. For their arrival, Kate pulled out some serious millinery stops with the first pillbox hat we have seen on her, in brilliant red. This oversize pillbox featured a slightly indented top (similar to a pork pie hat) with a crescent of delicate coordinating red flowers and leaves circling around the back. It is the largest hat we have seen on Kate in several years and I can only hope that this fantastic hat is a taste of more great millinery yet to come on this trip. Do you love this red pillbox hat on Kate as much as I do?

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Designer: Gina Foster. t is a bespoke red version of the Seaford style
Previously Worn: Not a chance! Kate knew she had to start this tour with a new hat!

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21 thoughts on “Cambridges Kick Off Tour

  1. Just to clear up on the into … the Royal couple arrived in Wellington, not Auckland – Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and at the bottom end of the North Island, whereas Auckland is our largest city and towards the top of the North Island. They are some 800km apart.

    Geography aside, I liked the red outfit, apart from all the metal buttons which diminished the silver fern brooch. Imagine if the coat buttons had been cloth-covered, how the brooch would have stood out. I think the colour looks good on Kate and the hat was lovely. Mind you, if she’d had proper advice about Wellington’s notoriously windy weather she probably wouldn’t have worn a full skirt. The shots of her stepping out of the plane were priceless – keep hold of the baby (William didn’t look interested in helping out even though she was clearly commenting on her dilemma), which meant she couldn’t hold on to her hat, hair or skirt!

    • Thanks, Sandra. I had originally cited the location as Wellington but after numerous emails late last night declaring they had actually arrived in Aukland, made the correction without doing the research I usually do. You are most certainly correct and the post has been updated accordingly.

      I also thought it was quite impressive that her hat did not move one millimeter on her descent from the plane.

  2. AMAZING, WOW. Catherine looks just lovely, the red hat is mine, I want that hat, oh, it is so darn beautiful and so is she. Only thing is the big white buttons on her coat dress, other then that, she is perfect. I love the red on her, her hair pulled back with the way the hat is sitting on her head is just gorgeous, there is nothing wrong with this lady!

  3. I’m sorry but this is BAD from head to toe. Kate, listen to me PLEASE. You really, really truly need to get a stylist. I’m sorry but that coat is so old lady and the hat is not a good look. Just sayin’.

  4. Read, I think in Hello, that playing into the choice of the hat was the Maori welcome with nose contact. The article said Camilla made a mistake and wore a hat with a big brim to NZ and the nose rub was kind of awkward.

  5. I am with you, Hat Queen, this outfit is marvelous and I am thrilled to see the red pillbox hat. Brilliant!
    This shade of red is beautiful with the color of her hair and I’m so happy her hair is pulled back so we can see her pretty face. All in all, wonderful~! I love these photos of her.

  6. Once MrFitzroy got over his confusion about whether the Cambridges were returning to Canada….This has to be rated a bright red thumbs UP!

    It seems that the decoration at the back of the crown is a bit superfluous, but then again in certain photos it looks lovely — especially when she bends forward slightly to rub noses.
    Kate’s expression when meeting the gentleman in the backless apron is quite priceless, one has to wonder if she knew what was going on round the other side of him!

    She is sporting the perfect accessory: a bouncing and happy baby prince — not to mention the New Zealand Fern brooch, which the Queen has -never- lent out before.
    So excited to see what will follow as the visit unfolds….Hopefully with more new hats, more “How did she get the Queen to lend her THAT one?” pieces of jewelry, and more fabulous baby couture!

  7. Wow. She looks amazing. This is shifting things up a gear into proper royal dressing and she does it fabulously. Very chic. And she’s got the NZ fern brooch on too. I predict we’ll see quite a few of HM’s jewels on this trip.

  8. I LOVE this hat! Shape, color, small embellishment, everything. Red is a very good color on her. In the top photo I thought the buttons were too large, but from a distance they are better. Is it just me, or does she look thinner than usual? (Her neck looks extremely thin)

    • Agreed on all points. Hat is magnificent: colorful and large enough to be seen from a distance. The number of buttons on the coat is overwhelming, and they’re rather large considering they’re so many of them.
      The much longer coat and extremely high heels may have contributed to the extraordinarily thin look of the Princess, but her overall appearance is somewhat shocking.

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