Phillips Family Cheer at Grand National

Members of the Phillips family stepped out yesterday to cheer Monbeg Dude (owned by Mike Tindall) race at the Grand National at Aintree. Zara Phillips looked great in a navy straw beret trimmed with navy silk roses and a checkerboard imprinted feather. Perched at the perfect angle on the side of her head, I thought this hat brought out her blue eyes and looked fantastic.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: The “Lilly” by Gina Foster
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

The great millinery surprise of the day, however, was the Princess Royal. Princess Anne wore a large navy picture hat with a square, sculpted crown and dramatic diagonal brim. The shape and scale was unlike any hat we have seen her wear and, most surprisingly, the hat looked like it was made in the past decade. While the pheasant feather trim was cheeky and fun, the furry wrap around the crown ruined the hat for me. Remove the fur and we have a fantastic hat here for Princess Anne. What do you think of these two new navy hats?

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

UPDATE: This photo shows the upper side of the brim on this hat appears to be covered in some sort of feathers. I still like the scale and shape of this hat but regrettably, need to declare the trimmings a disaster.

Designer: unknown.  The shape of the crown is very similar to these hats worn by the Queen. The shape and over-trimming makes me guess it is the work of Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

Photos from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Phillips Family Cheer at Grand National

  1. Love the checkerboard feather on Zara’s hat. It should be way too much, but with Zara it seems exactly right.
    Her mother on the other hand…..
    MrFitzroy can only assume that the Princess Royal is paying tribute to the commencement of the Cambridge’s tour of New Zealand, but wrapping her hat in cut up strips of a Maori feathered cape that perhaps was presented to the Queen on a past visit. Despite the unfortunate trims, the shape and scale of the hat are quite wonderful on her. Love that the horsey brooch is back as well.

  2. That’s a great shape on Anne’s hat, but waaaaaaay too much of everything else! I’m not even sure we can blame AK (it is her signature shape). I reckon Anne pimped this one up herself.

    • I don’t know JamesB… Princess Anne seems far more likely to spend her spare time mucking out the horses than bedazzling a hat. Although, that might explain whatever the organic matter is on the brim of this one…

  3. I like the shape of both these hats, but the embellishments are a bit off. On the fence about Zara’s: I can’t decide if it is cheeky fun or a bit of a mishmash. I think Anne’s would have been fine without the fluffy wreath at the base of the crown. Really, did they have to use all of the pheasant’s feathers? but perhaps it was wacky feathered hat day at the races since the woman behind Zara in the first photo appears to have some feathered exuberance happening too.

  4. Yes, the Princess Royal’s hat does look new! (And she’s wearing a blue handbag and blue gloves! Progress! I’m tired of everyone in this family wearing black accessories.) I don’t think either the fur or the feather helps the hat, which otherwise, indeed, would be striking. Although it’s a little over the top, the feather might be all right if it were at least partly blue. I like the coat but don’t see the connection with the hat.
    I don’t particularly like the feather on Zara Phillips’s hat either. Why is it black and white while everything else is blue?
    If it weren’t for the trimmings, both hats would be good.

  5. One of Princess Anne’s worst hats ever and that is saying something. It looks like she took a spring/summer hat threw on a gold and pearl brooch to affix the feathers and then went “Hmm….it’s cold today; I know let’s take one of my fur head bands and put it around the crown.” I cannot image a milliner anywhere claiming it as one of their designs.

  6. I love the juxtapisitioning of the silk navy rose and the checkered feather. This hat shows a bit of whimsy. In regards to the hat worn by Princess Anne, I agree that the fur trim and brim pattern seem a bit much.

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