Danish Royal Couple Arrive in Aarhus

On Tuesday, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik relocated to their summer residence at Marselisborg Castle. For their arrival in nearby Aarhus aboard the royal yacht Dannebrog, Queen Margrethe repeated her much loved natural straw hat. With her tailored navy suit jacket, it formed a suitably nautical ensemble.

Queen Margrethe, July 1, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn (with plaid band): June 20, 2014September 3, 2013August 29, 2013;  June 4, 2013; and June 9, 2011
Previously Worn (with green band): April 28, 2013August 30, 2013; and September 5, 2012

Photo from Axel Schütt, Scanpix via Kongehuset

3 thoughts on “Danish Royal Couple Arrive in Aarhus

  1. I think she is so special, but it surprises me she doesn’t wear a variety of hats. If she did, I think she would be interesting to watch. It is amazing since she tends to be artistic and an original.

  2. I really despair of this artistic fashion forward woman when it comes to hats. She really seems to wear the same few over and over and over!

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