Sunday Green for Queen

Members of the British Royal Family attended Sunday Service yesterday at Crathie Kirk, close to Balmoral Castle. The Queen, who stopped to chat with onlookers outside the church, wore a hat and suit we have not seen in seven years. The hat, in the same teal green fabric as her coat, featured a rolled brim and squared crown; the wide green silk sash and side bow coordinated with the brim on Her Majesty’s dress and jacket. We do not often see the Queen in this shade of green and it is wonderful on her. I love the pleated detail on the hat’s sash and the slightly squared shape of the crown sets it apart from other hats of similar scale in the Queen’s millinery closet.  What do you think of this seldom worn teal green hat?

Sep 14, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: September 1, 2007

Photo from Invicta Kent Media/REX/Shutterstock

15 thoughts on “Sunday Green for Queen

  1. Oh my goodness, Her Majesty looks amazing!! The colours are warm, the shorter jacket is a stylish and welcome change, cosy, textured fabric, the pleats to add interest (and function of course) and a hat that is well proportioned, simply trimmed and matches comfortably and easily with the outfit. Add to that a pretty brooch and Her Majesty’s beautiful smile and I think you would have to say WELL DONE!! This photo actually took my breath away and I felt quite emotional- must be the healing green!! Thanks.

  2. I agree with the consensus so far: beautifully shaped hat with excellent trim, less interesting suit perhaps because of an excess of silk band trimming. But I like the overall effect. I too think the Queen looks so good with a short jacket rather than the long coat she seems to be believe is required for all formal outings nowadays.
    I love the color! Darker greens and darker turquoises used to be much more popular with the Queen than they are now, and this is an old outfit. I suspect its debut was way before 2007.

    • amen to that! i do like the hat a lot more than the suit, which is a tad too simple and bordering on boredom territory.

      plus i seem to be in the minority – a nice paraphrase of stating that i seem to be all by myself – in my disliking of that particular hue of green. maybe it’s just my laptop screen, but i get the firm impression that makes her maj looks washed out. a vivid lipstick might help, or some accessory in contrasting colour.

  3. Love the hat, what a great style for HM, smart, stylish and off the face. Love the colour on her too. What I don’t love is the pale bias edging to the jacket, pockets and cuffs – it looks a bit cheap and amateurish. Looking again, I think it’s the cuffs and pockets. I suppose the colour matches the hat band, which looks nice, so I’m not sure why it’s putting me off. I suppose I always want HM to look perfect!

  4. IMO the Queen wears a good mix of suits, coats and dresses but this suit looks nice and cosy for a September day in Scotland. This is an attractive hat in colour, shape and in material. The older queens are in good form today.

  5. I also love the hat, a very pretty color on her. I noticed that shorter jacket which I love, now she should wear this type of jacket more often. It is becoming on her.

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