Princess Charlene Marks Remembrance Day

Reader Laura passed on information about a surprise royal outing in London on Sunday. Princess Charlene of Monaco visited the Rhodesian and South African plots in the Garden of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey where she laid a wreath and spent some time in quiet reflection (read an observer’s account of her visit here). We don’t often see Charlene in hats you’ll note from photos below that she wore an oversized calot shaped design in black felt simply trimmed with a bow. She seems to wear the unusual shape of this piece very well.

Update- the Monaco Royal Palace also shared photos of Princess Charlene’s meeting with Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence to discuss drowning prevention. The front view of the hat is really lovely and its pairing with her grey coat is fantastic.


Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: This hat is new
This visit is a thoughtful gesture from this princess to the nations she was born and raised in and it’s wonderful to see her in an unexpected hat. We’ll see Charlene in another hat on Saturday for Monaco’s National Day and, are told, young Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella will be in tow. Perhaps we’ll see hats on them as well?
My sincere thanks to Laura for passing on this royal sighting.
Photos from social media as indicated

14 thoughts on “Princess Charlene Marks Remembrance Day

  1. I love her grey trenchcoat, but I don’t like the hat. The shape and the bow is just odd. From the front, it looks like Mickey Mouse ears.

  2. I like this hat better from the side than the front, but because I’m not a fan of the bow stretching across her forehead. I would’ve kept the bow smaller and to the right side. Overall it does frame her hair and face well. A good hat for Charlene, but could be even better!

  3. Charlene is a beauty no doubt about it but I personally wish her hair was a bit longer. The hat though with her blond hair is stunning!

  4. This hat is an unusual shape. It reminds me of a riding hat (without the bill). It seems to fit with Princess Charlene’s usual sleek, modern style. I think on the whole, I like this hat more than I don’t like it, if that makes sense. Princess Charlene is always a stunning beauty.

  5. Very elegant woman. However, I don’t like the front view of her hat as much as I do the side and back. The front sort of looks like “bunny ears” to me.

  6. She is just beautiful, and so quietly elegant, like Princess Grace herself was. It is a very unusual hat, but with her shorter hair and delicate features, it was a good choice.

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