Hats From the Past

Royal Hats While much has been said about Queen Maxima’s ensemble at Prinsjesdag earlier this week, a look back through history at this event shows it is not the only time a strong (and, um, unsuccessful) millinery statement has been made. Case in point- forty years ago today when Queen Juliana and Princess Beatrix appeared in the balcony in memorable looks-  one in particular that defies description

Embed from Getty Images

I’ll be away from Royal Hats the next few days- see you back next Wednesday.

Photo from Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “Hats From the Past

  1. I will admit it, all these years later, that I had one of those marabou creations like Beatrix. The base was an elastic net and it fit your head somewhat like a wig. Being somewhat queen sized then I can imagine I looked like a perambulating hay stack, but I was fashionable!

  2. Thank you Jimbo for the pictures of both women. Queen Juliana’s takes the top prize from me due to the extra silvery “sparks” that are enmeshed in her hat. What a hat!!! Now Princess Beatrix’s hat, while larger, improved in my eyes when seen in color. The blue/grey dress and matching hat go well together along with her gloves and clutch. Both hats and outfits are “of their time” aren’t they? I was 18 in 1978 and couldn’t imagine having to dress like this on a routine basis. But that’s because they’re royalty and I’m not! Have a nice time off HatQueen! See you next week.

    • I agree that upon first view, I mistook Juliana’s hat for a frizzy hairdo, and had to look again to realize it was a hat! Even in the color photo provided by mcncln, it does somewhat blend into the background. As to Beatrix’s hat, I do remember when this was the style — both my mother and my aunt had hats along these lines, and really, people don’t usually think a current style is silly if everyone is wearing it. it’s only later when you look back at the photos…

  3. HatQueen, when you mentioned one that defies description, which one are you referring to?
    I looked for a color picture or video, but haven’t found one yet.

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