Danish Queen Celebrates Agricultural Society

It’s great to be back- thanks, all of you, for carrying on the royal hat conversation while I was indisposed!

Queen Margrethe attended the Royal Danish Agricultural Society’s 250th anniversary at Axelborg in Copenhagen yesterday. For this event, she repeated her scarlet wool felt hat with brim binding and layered hatbands in the same tweed as the ensemble’s matching skirt and jacket trim. It’s good to see this hat is in better nick than it appeared on its last outing and while it’s still on the side of tweed overkill for me, the layered hatbands, set off by that crisp black middle layer, work so well.

Designer: Likely Peter Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: Mar 20, 2017; Jan 18, 2017Nov18, 2015;  Oct 7, 2015;  Nov 18, 2014May 4, 2014Mar 13, 2013; Nove14, 2013
I’m not sure there’s much to add about this hat- any new thoughts on it?
Photos from social media as indicated

5 thoughts on “Danish Queen Celebrates Agricultural Society

  1. Looking back, I’ve realized I’ve never commented on this hat previously. It’s not the most exciting hat ever, but it suits Margrethe very well. Is it a bit matchy? Yes, but it’s more subtle than some of her hats, and I like this one.

  2. Even for its ninth recorded appearance, I still like it a lot. Is it matchy-matchy or wonderfully coordinated? I actually like the tweed balance throughout. It’s -5F this morning here in the mid-west – I could use a warm coat like Margrethe’s when I’m out shoveling that white stuff!

  3. Welcome back HQ – glad to know you are fine!
    I apologise if this has been said already ….the black band only made sense when the Queen paired this hat with her black fur coat (March 2013). When there is no black in the body of her outfit, the black band just looks unececessary and distracting. A simple self-coloured band would make the hat look more balanced generally. But even so, that perfectly round crown is a tricky look to elevate, especially with no bows, flowers or feathers, or a sweeping asymmetrical brim, to break up the silhouette. Queen Sonja and Princess Charlene are perhaps the only royals that come to mind who I feel could meet the challenge of wearing this style of hat.

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