Inventory: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s Green Hats

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa celebrated her 63rd birthday on Friday and in honor of this milestone, I thought we’d put together our first inventory of her hats. My excitement for all things spring has me yearning for green so that’s where we’ll start:

1.Embed from Getty Images   2
Designer: unknown; Fabienne Delvigne
Introduced: unknown (this photo was taken Sep 19, 1993); Jun 12, 2004 

3.Embed from Getty Images  4.
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne: unknown 
Introduced: June 23, 2006; May 30, 2011 

Designer: Philip Treacy
Introduced: August 30, 2014

It’s a bit of a hodgepodge, isn’t it?! Shades of avocado and lime can be tricky to wear and for half of the green hats to be in these shades- well that’s just brave. Disregarding the first hat (from so long ago it’s rather irrelevant now), the remaining three  are is different in shape as three hats can possibly be- something else that’s brave. I don’t think of the Grand Duchess as a particularly experimental hat wearer but this first inventory makes me wonder if I’ve been underestimating her. What do you think of her green hats?

Photos from Steve Finn, Ragnar Singsaas and Pool via Getty; Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Inventory: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s Green Hats

  1. I have long considered the colour of hat #3 to be one of the most revolting colours known to humanity – and yet the Grand Duchess looks amazing in it! Hats off to her for her courage in trying different looks. It’s so easy to find one thing that works and just stick with it.

  2. I love seeing the Grand Duchess wearing hats even though she doesn’t wear as many as other royal families do. I particularly like her in pink and red so perhaps the next time around we can review those colors? Thank you HatQueen for the review of Maria Theresa’s green hats!

  3. It’s interesting — I do think of Maria Theresa as being a bold and daring hat-wearer, though she doesn’t wear hats often. She has a way of making an entrance when she wears a hat – even when it’s a small pillbox, I can’t ignore how central her hat is to her overall look. While some people seem to wear their hat reluctantly – (not a few minor royals spring to mind) –Maria-Theresa seems to me to make the absolute most of any hat’s statement-making potential.
    #1 – lovely!
    #2 – Wide-brimmed hats are tricky for anyone as petite as The Grand Duchess, and unfortunately this gorgeous beauty needs to be a tad narrower and to sit higher on her forehead to be truly flattering.
    #3 My fave! didn’t Maxima and Mathilde have hats like this? Jake is right, a dress of a different colour would be great, especially without a collar; and the hat would flatter her more if it didn’t sit so low on her on her forehead – and it needs a softer hairstyle and chunkier earrings – but all in all, I would love to see this hat again.
    #4 Maria Theresa wears pillboxes with such conviction, including the sixties hairstyle — that somehow I can forgive the austerity of this look.
    #5 awesome as usual from P. Treacy. I’d love to see this percher again, worn with a soft hair-down hairdo, and a different colour dress minus that figure-shortening high collar which detracts from the hat.

  4. First of all, I think she is a very attractive woman, and looks lovely in all the hats. Hat #3 isn’t my most favorite. I like the style but it seems flat on top of her head. Hat #5 is my favorite. I love the style and the color.

  5. The first one, while clearly of a decade that’s beyond commenting by contemporary standards, is a beautiful apple green, and I would love to see this color again on Maria Teresa.

    The second one, from Catharina Amalia’s christening, is a good balance of shape, restrained trim, and good color coordination, even if it is a bit matchy with the outfit. Definitely a winner.

    I like the experimentation of #3, but this is when matching colors with both the hat and outfit annoys me; if this had been paired with something in grey or black and white, the hat would’ve been the statement piece and possibly would’ve been more successful.

    #4 is fine, albeit rather boring, and a shape she has repeated in multiple shiny shades.

    #5 is my favorite as I love a good cocktail hat with a beautiful beret base, and the emerald color endears it to me even more. The outfit she paired it with was a lighter shade of green, and as the hat is more saturated, I think black shoes and handbag (or another dark color) would’ve been more successful than the beige she chose, but that’s just my opinion.

  6. I very much like the 5th one. But the others… well they show she’s happy to experiment, but not always successfully! The Medusa hat is quite something isn’t it. Well… it’s a look!!

  7. “Brave” isn’t quite the word I’d use for the 3rd number! It looks like Medusa with seaweed! No offense intended. The 5th one is very British looking, and beautiful.

    June 12, 2004
    Embed from Getty Images

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