Belgian State Visit To South Korea: Day 2

While the first day of the Belgian state visit to South Korea yesterday did not see any hats, the second day today, which included visits to the Korean War Memorial in Seoul and an official welcome by the Prime Minister at his official office and residence Cheong Wa Dae (Blue House), saw Queen Mathilde in a new headpiece.

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The hat and jacket are both made of burgundy silk printed with a grey ikat floral pattern, the reverse of which is used on the ensemble’s coordinating dress. While the hat looks like a ruched toque or calot design from front view, it is more fluid design that wraps around the head as a sort of extended, pleated bandeau

Queen Máxima recently wore an ensemble and hat made of this same fabric, in yellow and navy. The use of reversed pattern is an interesting one for a head to toe look that keeps things very coordinated but not overly one note. The jacket proportions had me initially raising a questioning eyebrow until the Korean jeogori jacket came to mind- I wonder if Queen Mathilde’s jacket is a play on this traditional garment? I mention this only because I think finding a hat to fit with the shape and the proportions of the jacket would be tricky and perhaps explain the more streamlined headpiece. I prefer the overall balance of the headpiece alone with just the dress but understand there might have been some more diplomatic sensibilities at play with this ensemble.

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne “Arielle” headpiece and “Virginia” clutch. Dress and jacket by NATAN.
Previously Worn:

What do you think of Queen Mathilde’s new headpiece?

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11 thoughts on “Belgian State Visit To South Korea: Day 2

  1. I like what Fabienne Delvigne has done with her hat.

    The outfit: I like the colours, pattern and idea behind the outfit but I can always tell when an outfit is by Natan and that’s not a good thing. Something about the Natan cut and materials of clothing nearly always look stiff, bulky, oddly proportioned..

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with your comment JamesB.
    The jacket looks awfully stiff –and wearing it, Mathilde looks stiff and constrained too. Maxima’s more successful outfit in the same fabric shows that shape and design make a huge difference. Too bad that Mathilde’s jacket sleeves add excess midsection bulk, the high collar visually compresses her neck (not so with Maxima, who is taller, and has a longer neck) and the heavy seam lines on dress and jacket are so obvious. And then there’s the colour contrast between the 2 fabrics which could have been better balanced
    But I do find this headpiece very attractive indeed — the way the fabric lays in folds is beautiful. I too like it worn with the dress, minus the jacket. I’d be very happy to see this design made up in a similar fabric, in other colours.

  3. This look is exquisite; the detail is stunning, the reverse pattern bounces and it’s a unified and elegant approach. But something is off, and I think it’s the jacket; the fabric is too stiff for it, and at odds with the delicate pattern. Remove the jacket as you say, and I think it works. But a very couture look for Mathilde.

  4. I like the patterned fabric and particularly with the reversed pattern on the skirt, but I think there’s a bit too much of it. I would have liked the overall effect better if the hat, gloves and pattern matched the solid shade of red. Shapewise, this is an interesting hat variation that I have not seen before, and I do like it a lot, particularly with this hairstyle, which is perfectly in tune with it. I do however agree with HatQueen’s theory that the jacket styling may have been intended to mirror the traditional Korean jacket, particularly in the photo of the back.

  5. These kind of hats tend to look a bit unfinished but this one frames Mathilde’s hair nicely! I really like the colour combination and red gloves suit this outfit better than white gloves. I’m wondering if the overall impression might be better if this was a pencil skirt? It would balance the more bulky coat and maybe give it a more retro vibe (which I like).

  6. the whole look is well thought off, I might not like the hat on it’s own but it completes the entire ensemble to a tee.

  7. Beautiful use of the reverse ikat prints. HatQueen, your theory about the traditional Korean design influence is very plausible, but in this fabric, the jacket looks too bulky. This hat provides a good complement. I’m intrigued by the asymmetry, too.

  8. I love the colours of this outfit. But to my eye there is something slightly off with the proportions of the jacket. Either is is a bit too long, or the skirt of the dress is too short.
    Mlle Delvigne did a good job I think, considering the fabric is rather thick for a draped headpiece. (Natan has a habit of using those stiff fabrics, that have the advantage of not showing any creases.)
    Overall it is an elegant exemple of diplomatic dressing.

  9. On Fabienne Delvigne’s Instagram story, she cites this as the “Arielle” headdress, with a matching “Virginia” handbag.

    I’m not a fan of the following: the matching fabric of the hat, coat, and handbag (although I’ve warmed up a bit to the matching hat and coat), and the bandeau-esque design instead of a calot/casque.

    I’m a fan of the following: the crimson-berry color is stunning, her shoes (!), and the outfit in general. The overall look is very sophisticated and perfect for this particular outing!

  10. I like this due to it’s novelty, color scheme, and theme dressing. She looks amazing. On its own as millinery, I don’t care for it. It’s like the dreaded donut hats but not even a full donut.

  11. My first thought when I saw this outfit was a comparison to the golden and navy ensemble worn by Queen Maxima. This print, while a lovely burgundy paired with light grey, is not as dramatic a statement but perhaps that is diplomatically a better choice? I do like the “extended bandeau” hat and her hair and makeup are lovely. The pearl and diamond earrings we’ve seen before and are a wonderful choice with the outfit. I can’t wait to see what type of hat she wears tomorrow! Overall it’s a winner for me.

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