Queen Máxima’s Koningsdag Hats

Koningsdag is a Dutch national holiday that officially celebrates the monarch’s birthday. During Queen Juliana and Queen Beatrix’s reigns, the holiday was celebrated on April 30 (Juliana’s birthday and the day Beatrix’s ascended the throne) and Queen Beatrix began the tradition of moving this lighthearted, public celebration to different cities around the country each year.

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Under King Willem-Alexander’s reign, the holiday is celebrated on his actual birthday, April 27 and characterized by its vrijmarkt (free market) nation-wide garage sale where Dutch people sell used items; outdoor concerts and street parties; and the oranjegekte (orange madness) frenzy of wearing the national colour in exuberant ways!

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As the city of Amersfoort prepares to host this year’s Koningsdag festivities tomorrow, here is a look back at all the hats and headpieces Queen Máxima has worn to this event in years past:

Oatmeal straw upsweep with wide brim binding in 2002; Pink herringbone textured cloche with wide hatband and cream quills in 2003; Red fabric voluminous suede beret in 2004, all by Fabienne Delvigne

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Tan straw stovepipe with layered tan silk and pink tweed hatbands by Fabienne Delvigne in 2005;
Chocolate straw fascinator with loops and feathers by Stefanie Wesle in 2006

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Textured bright pink Fabienne Delvigne pillbox in 2008; Black feathered headpiece in 2009;
Black silk covered open-crown headpiece by Fabienne Delvigne in 2010

Smoky pink and purple silk rose hair decoration in 2011; Black bow headpiece by Fabienne Delvigne in 2012

Koningsdag Hats After Becoming Queen: 

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Ruched caramel straw ring headpiece in 2014; Bright pink straw sideswept ‘slice’ hat in 2015, both by Fabienne Delvigne

Lilac straw Fabirennne Delvigne picture hat with mushroom brim in 2016;  Navy smocked and beaded calot (likely by Jan Taminau) in 2017; A repeat of the 2002 red suede Fabienne Delvigne beret in 2018

UPDATE- Since this post was first published, Queen Máxima has worn the following hats on Koningsdag:

Two more Fabienne Delvigne designs; Oatmeal saucer in 2019 and a green and yellow silk Ikat toque in 2021

The more casual nature of this celebration brings a decidedly eclectic mix of millinery here, with a slight increase in formality since Máxima became queen. While I wasn’t keen on the mix of slouchy beret with last year’s beautiful dress, it was wonderfully unexpected to see the hat from 2002 brought back. Here’s hoping Queen Máxima has another hat surprise up her sleeve for tomorrow!

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Photos from Michel Porro, Michel Porro and Julian Parker via Getty; Patrick van Katwijk via Monarchy Press; Mark Renders via Getty; Patrick van Katwijk via Monarchy Press; Andreas Rentz, Patrick van Katwijk, Patrick van Katwijk, Patrick van Katwijk and Koen Van Weel/ANP/AFP via Getty

5 thoughts on “Queen Máxima’s Koningsdag Hats

  1. Great summary, HatQueen! I’ve wondered why they have both a Prinsjesdag and a Konigsdag. You have to appreciate a country with a national holiday dedicated to fun.

    Looking forward to today’s edition.

  2. Now I love them as Queen! Thats a gig I’d love to see.

    Máx’s titfers for this are certainly eclectic. But they’re exuberant like she is, so what’s not to love. That first upswept brim could make a reappearance now and work, but as the red beret came back, maybe it will! And who doesn’t love a bit of ‘princesses borrowing their Mum’s clothes’. C-A will be wearing Máx’s ball gowns soon!

  3. Oddly, i was in Amhersfoort last week. We were amused to see all the decorations and costumes available for purchase in the stores in different towns in the Netherlands. Everything from adorable orange tutus for small girls to wigs and hats for the older set. Great fun for sure!

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