Yorks Cheer As Duke Leads Colonel’s Review

The Colonel’s Review (the second rehearsal for Trooping the Colour) took place yesterday with the Duke of York as the Inspecting Officer in his role as Colonel . His regiment is marked by the white plume in his bearskin hat.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

The Duke’s family was there to cheer him on. Princess Beatrice wore a black button percher hat trimmed with a contoured straw brim, topped with silk lining, that wraps around the hat in a double crescent with one point curling around the back. It’s a modern, dynamic piece that’s unlike anything we’ve seen Beatrice wear and I’m definitely a fan.

Designer: Annabel Allen Millinery. It is the “Eve” design.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Eugenie topped her yellow lace dress with a pink knotted bandeau headpiece described by the designer as “made in a lovely pink tweed from Liton Tweeds, with a pink spot veiling.” As far as bandeaux go, this one is good- the knot gives it some height and the mix of tweed and dotted veil gives great texture. I’m just not keen on the pairing of pink tweed headpiece and yellow lace dress.

Designer: Fernanda Lewis. It is the “Veiled Knot in Pink Tweed
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Sarah, Duchess of York, repeated black felt calot trimmed with a rolld bow and open-weave veil.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: July 29, 2017; June 7, 2017; July 23, 2016; January 9, 2007; and this undated occasion

We don’t often see the entire York family attend an event and with the four of them in hats, well, that’s even more rare. The standout hat for me here is the one worn by Princess Beatrice- what do you think?

Photos from Getty as indicated 

8 thoughts on “Yorks Cheer As Duke Leads Colonel’s Review

  1. Beatrice: this princess has always shone in hats which are a little quirky – elegance with a twist – and this cutie fits the bill perfectly. Hope we see it again!
    Eugenie: in the closeup, like Jake, I’m not sure about the veiling with its large red fluffballs, especially when paired with the tweed base. I think this hat of mixtures definitely needs to be paired with a plain pink dress.

  2. On top of the pink & yellow, there is a bit of texture overload with the tweedy bandeau and dotted veil paired with the lace dress. Too bad: it’s a fun piece and the pink is pretty with Eugenie’s hair. Maybe this would work with her cream dress from the garden party last week?

    Princess Beatrice’s percher is great!

    I don’t remember seeing either of these milliners previously. Are they new to royal circles?

    • Attempting to answer my own question: I didn’t find credits for either Annabel Allen or Fernanda Lewis on this blog, but HatQueen has featured both in her weekly new design picks.

    • Good catch- we’ve admired the work of both milliners but indeed, this is the first time their work has appeared on a royal head, I do believe.

      The York princesses consistently try out the work of milliners- something I greatly admire about them (or their stylist?!)

  3. A good show by everyone, but I agree Beatrice wore the best hat by far! A fun and innovative design, and despite being black paired with a majority black outfit, this didn’t feel heavy or funereal IMO.

    Sarah’s calot with the netting, on the other hand, did feel funereal paired with her dark outfit. For Eugenie, I like the color combination of the primrose yellow and pink, but this bandeau just looks messy to me, with the knotted patterned fabric and netting with puff balls.

  4. I saw these photos earlier and was hoping you’d mention them in a post. I think the entire family looked amazing! Including Jack and Edoardo. I particularly love the photos of the ladies from behind, kneeling and peeking out the window. What a close, adorable family!!

    Scene stealer was the Duke of York! That hat is impressive, and I imagine very hot to wear! He wore it stoically.
    Princess Beatrice’s hat was gorgeous and her outfit was fun and fresh.
    I adore Princess Eugenie’s hat. She looks lovely with the veil. I also adore her beautiful yellow sundress, but I agree Hat Queen, they don’t necessarily go together (especially with the grey/cream shoes and purse).
    Sarah Ferguson looks radiant. I love her calot and outfit. She’s really stepping up the sartorial game lately!

    If these are their “practice” hats, I cannot wait until Trooping the Color next week to see what showstoppers they bring!

    • I don’t know what the temperature was in London, but here in the Netherlands we had a sudden raise in temperature and a sweltering hot weekend. The poor men on horseback in their bearskins must have been very uncomfortable indeed! I imagine that the bearskin hats have a leather sweatband inside; they must get quite cooked.

      Princess Beatrice’s headpiece is goodlooking & graphic.It is nice to see the York family so happy together.

  5. I seem to remember Princess Claire of Luxembourg once wearing a pink and yellow hat and dress combination. I wondered then why she felt these looked good together. On the other hand, the Duke, Princess Beatrice and Sarah, Duchess of York all look very good.

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