Trooping The Colour: York, Wessex & Phillips Families

We jump back into our review of the hats at yesterday’s Trooping The Colour ceremony with those worn by the rest of the Queen’s immediate family. Princess Beatrice wore a bandeau headpiece described by the designer as “back silk dupion-covered sculpted headband with a white flourish, inspired by historical styles. Graceful and dramatic, this headband features a large blooming white silk flower.” Beatrice wears the kokoshnik-shape really well (it suits her hairstyle and face shape) and this piece was a great compliment to her pink and black dress.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer:  Judy Bentinck. It is the ‘Kiyomi’ bandeau.  Dress from Emilia Wickstead
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Eugenie topped a vibrantly printed dress with a black straw bergère hat embellished with a large white silk rose. The hat pairs so well with the dress- it’s scale is great to link with Eugenie’s black sash belt without overwhelming the ensemble and these black accessories give grounding and grandeur to the look. What really has me swooning for this hat is the perfect angle Eugenie placed it on her head. SO GOOD. Also making his millinery début at this event was Eugenie’s new husband, Jack Brooksbank, who sported a top hat in black felt.

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Designer:  Emily London. It is the ‘Varenna’ hat. Dress from Amanda Wakeley.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Countess of Wessex repeated a black straw statement hat, also in black straw. In a pointed ellipse shape, the design features a grandiose, sidesweeping wave which is built upon the base of a calot style cap. The hat is finished with a trailing branch of black silk blossoms.

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This is one of several hats Sophie has in this unique shape (see here and here) and it is wonderful to see it again, not only because it’s fantastic on her, but because it paired fantastically with her green silk dress. Sophie carries off such statement millinery pieces so successfully and this hat tops a terrific ensemble for her.

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Designer: Jane Taylor. It is a custom version of “Lady A” from SS 2013.  Dress by Suzannah
Previously Worn:  Mar 9, 2017; June 21, 2013

Lady Louise Windsor repeated the smart navy satin covered button percher trimmed with satin and beaded Rouleaux twists she first wore for Princess Eugenie’s wedding last fall. Not only does yesterday’s outing show a better view of the beaded detailing on the bows, it also reveals the hat to have a scattering of velvet flowers with pearl centers. It’s a youthful design in a classic colour that Louise wears very well (and it’s great to see her wear it several times).

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Emily London
Previously Worn: Apr 21, 2019Oct 12, 2018

Autumn Phillips wore a pale grey straw percher hat described by the designer as “a handblocked straw button trimmed with a crystal bow.” Autumn has embraced cocktail hats with button or beret bases for a long time and this one, with it’s slightly lilac undertone, makes a lovely pairing with her pink frock.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Julian Garner. It is the “Jessica” design. Dress by Claire Mischevani
Previously Worn: This hat is new 

I think there’s something significant to admire about each of these five hats- what are your thoughts?
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20 thoughts on “Trooping The Colour: York, Wessex & Phillips Families

  1. A good choice of a bandeau hat that is interesting and different in the details, and pairs well with Beatrice’s hair color and hairstyle; I do find it awkward that she borrowed/wore the same outfit Sophie has worn twice with a different hat, and outfit I’m still not a fan of.

    I love Eugenie’s dress, but I’m not sold on the hat; it seems to sit a bit high and reminds me a lot of this other hat I wasn’t such a fan of: Nice to see Jack make his royal hat debut, but the top hat looks too wide/big for him unfortunately.

    IMO, this is the best of this style of hat Sophie has, and this is the best outing for it as well! Perfect placement on the head and absolutely fabulous dress to pair it with. I wish Louise’s cocktail hat was sat a little more to the side and not right in the middle of her forehead, but overall still a good choice for her. Nice to see James/Viscount Severn ride in the carriage.

    A lovely pairing by Autumn, but I agree with others the hat looks a bit small, especially with its sparse trim.

  2. Princess Beatrice – I like the bandeau-very Tudor style on the mannequin but something about the one Beatrice is wearing doesn’t work for me. I think the flower looks droopy and flimsier than the flower on the website. Seeing so many of these types of bandeaux recently makes me think The Duchess of Cambridge got ahead of things when she was wearing them last year!

    Princes Eugenie – LOVE!!!! Just perfect and pairs so well with the dress and the sash as you pointed out.

    The Countess of Wessex – I do love that she owns this in multiple versions that still manage to be very individual despite the same basic design. I quite like this version but I think this is my least favourite of three we have seen her wear.

    Also enjoyed how the Yorks and the Countess all wore dark hats but stopped the overall look from being to dour by pairing with light and bright coloured dresses.

    Lady Louise – pretty embellishments and nice size and design appropriate for a young lady. Her hair looked lovely too.

    Autumn Phillips – I’m not usually keen on these teeny-tiny little cocktail hats but I do love the crystal bow embellishment to give it some interest and the unique colour paired with her fuchsia dress which somehow completely works.

    • Forgot to say I thought Mr Jack Brooksbank looked very dapper today in his top hat. Loved his tie and tie pin too.

  3. These looks are all FAB. I can’t think of a single thing I’d change about any of them and I would wear Beatrice or Eugenie or Autumn’s outfits tomorrow. I think Autumns is my favorite and I LOVE her small hat.

  4. The York Princesses’ hats and outfits are great. I love the black bandeau hat- it’s fun to see this dress worn with so many different types of hats. My very favorite of the day of everyone is the Countess of Wessex- that black hat is just exceptional, and looks wonderful with her green dress. And Autumn Phillips looks lovely. I love that she doesn’t do the matchy matchy thing but still looks wonderfully coordinated.

  5. Autumn Phillips’ percher is attractive but I find it a bit small. I could see this style working very well for a younger lady, however – Lady Louise would look lovely in it.

    • I like your idea of Autumn’s percher for a young lady. Maybe we’ll see it on one of her daughters in a few years!

  6. What a lovely look on Bea, that kokoshnik suits her face shape so well, which isn’t the case with all of her hats. The dress intrigued me, I can’t help wondering if she borrowed if from Sophie, she’s bound to know she has it as it was worn at Ascot and the shop would have known too. Hmm.

    Eugenie is also very pretty, I do like this dress shape on her and you’re right the angle of that hat is just perfect.

    Sophie has repeated my favourite ever of her dresses. I love this 50s shape on her (so does she, she does it a lot, and I just love it every time!) but in this colour it’s epic. The hat is an inspiring pairing, and so so much better than the drab suit she first wore it with.

  7. White roses for the Yorks — very historic. Interesting to see Beatrice’s hat with the one of Sophie’s Ascot dresses. Even though I liked Sophie’s dramatic hat for that occasion, I think Beatrice’s pairs better with the strong black trim on the sleeve. And I agree that Eugenie has hers placed perfectly.

    Lovely repeats for Sophie and Lady Louise!

  8. I agree that Autumn Phillips’ hat is too small, but everything else is great. I’ve been waiting for Sophie to repeat this black hat, she wears it with such flair.

    Thanks for all your work, O Goddess of Hats – you make these big hat occasions even better!

  9. WOW. I nominate every one of these hats for the top hats of the month (I’ve been missing the polls Hat Queen!). I don’t usually like black hats in summer but these 3 each look outstanding on these ladies and with their dresses. Autumn’s purple hat works with her pink dress (I don’t know how but it does!) and Lady Louise hat is just perfect on her. This is making me very excited for Ascot! If they all look this good now I’m sure they have some super things to show us at Ascot!

  10. It has been and is so interesting to watch the change in headwear worn by Lady Louise Windsor over the last few years. Her mother is doing a splendid job at the transition from a child’s bow or ribbon to more hat-like items to those wonderful hats Lady Louise wears while carriage driving and now to small-scale perchers. She always looks beautifully groomed and appropriate to her age.

  11. Princess Bea’s pairing of this hat/bandeau with this dress is brilliant. The bandeau sets off the dress brilliantly and I love that white silk flower to balance out the black. Princess Eugenie’s hat looks nice with her dress . I love the way the black sash accents her tiny waist and relates to the hat. The shape of the Countess of Wessex’s hat is divine and it sets off her green silk dress perfectly. The trimming adds extra interest and has no pattern to compete with on this solid color dress. I was slightly disappointed with Autumn Phillips’ hat. The color is great, but it seemed a tad bit small in my eyes. I adore the extra details visible on Lady Louise’s hat.

  12. Welcome to hatting, Lyla Gilman! The Gloucesters’ grand daughter is wearing a pink headband, standing on the balcony with Savannah & Isla Phillips in the last picture.

  13. Interesting how all these hats (save for Autumn Phillips’) are black, although they are paired with brilliant outfits.

    Princess Beatrice’s hat is new and interesting. It reminds me of ones the Russian Royal Family wore. She looks terrific, and it’s interesting she’s wearing a dress the Countess of Wessex wore last year. Are they turning into the Swedish royal family and switching outfits? I’m all for it!

    I was really happy to see Jack Brooksbank at Trooping the Color. He looked terrific in his hat, and I hope we get to see him wear more hats at Royal Ascot.

    Princess Eugenie looks great. The hat is fantastic on her, but it reminds me of one she wore to Ascot in years previous. Just by recollection it had a space between the brim and crown. I love her flair for hats, and I can’t wait to see what she wears at Ascot.

    The Countess of Wessex looks terrific in her hat. Great scale and statement. That green dress is fabulous on her.

    Lady Louise looks so elegant, and I love how we can see a better close up of her great hat.

    I love the grey percher on Autumn Phillips. It’s an unusual pairing, but works so well. She is radiant in the fuschia dress.

    Great showing all around!

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