Trooping The Colour: Gloucester & Kent Families

We conclude our look at the hats seen Saturday for Trooping the Colour with those worn by members of the Gloucester and Kent families. With extremely limited photos (my sincere thanks to Paul Ratcliffe for again, providing the only available photos of these family members) to share, I’m going to try and avoid confusion (or excessive scrolling for photos) by reducing commentary to a minimum. Please click on the following galleries twice to open up larger size photos:

Gallery 1:


The Duchess of Gloucester: steel blue straw veiled pillbox
Previously Worn: May 29, 2019; May 23, 2019;  May 31, 2018

Lady Rose Gilman: muted slate blue straw beret with knotted straw sash
Previously Worn:  Jun 10, 2016 Previously worn by the Duchess of Gloucester: Nov 21, 2012; Jun 2, 2012

Lyla Gilman (Lady Rose’s young daughter, far right below): pink polka dotted bandeau

Embed from Getty Images

Gallery 2:


Princess Michael of Kent: rounded, white fabric covered pillbox
Designer: I believe it is John Boyd 
Previously Worn: May 29, 2019, June 12, 2016; June 2, 2016; June 15, 2013June 11, 2011June 20, 2008

Countess of St. Andrews: white braided straw hat with turned down brim, trimmed with a tan jinsin fan around the top of the crown and knotted bow below the brim 
Designer: Celine Robert. It is the “Tuxia” design from SS 2016
Previously Worn: June 11, 2016


Gallery 3:


Lady Helen Taylor: black straw beret percher with navy veil and triangle tufts of purple and royal blue crin
Previously Worn: May 18, 2019

Estella Taylor: tan fabric bow bandeau
Previously Worn: I believe this is new

Lady Frederick Windsor: pale blue sinamay dramatic sidesweep covered in feather flowers
Designer: Catherine Walker Millinery. I believe it is the “Trevi” hat.
Previously Worn: I believe this is new

Embed from Getty Images

Lady Gabriella Kingston: blush sinamay hat with angled crown and sharply sideswept brim with jinsin hatband and twists
Designer: Philip Treacy. It is OC 591 from SS 2019. Coral coat dress by Claire Mischevani
Previously Worn: I believe this is new

Embed from Getty Images

Flora Ogilvy: ecru straw disc percher with a multi-looped bow and silk rose on the side
Previously Worn: May 18, 2019

Zenouska Mowatt : vibrant magenta silk bandeau with folded bow (love this with her blue lace dress and aqua shoes!)
Designer: Laura Cathcart Millinery. It is the “Arizona in fuchsia“. Carolina Herrera dress.

Previously Worn: This hat is new

Trooping the Colour is always a highlight in our royal hat watching calendar and this year’s celebration, which saw 28 hats, did not disappoint. We’ve seen some stellar hats (including a handful from designers we’ve not previously seen on royal hats) which makes me all the more excited for the Garter service and Royal Ascot next week. 
Embed from Getty Images

Photos from Getty and social media (thanks to Paul Ratcliffe!) as indicated

11 thoughts on “Trooping The Colour: Gloucester & Kent Families

  1. Birgitte: seriously, again with this whole ensemble?? Where are all the fab hats from last year?
    Rose: eh, it’s fine, but I’m not loving it this time, especially with this outfit.
    Marie-Christine: new hat or not, this doesn’t look new, and the all cream/white/beige is so overdone; please try something different.
    Sylvana: I didn’t remember this from before, but it definitely holds some promise.
    Helen: this looks better than its appearance at Gabriella’s wedding, but still is somewhat messy.
    Sophie: I want to like this, but the sudden sharp upward angle on the brim looks awkward; also, the trim is far too exuberant.
    Gabriella: subtle, but stellar! Definitely one of the best of the day.
    Flora: I prefer the dress from Gabriella’s wedding with this hat, but still like the hat!
    Zenouska: love everything about this whole outfit (especially the colors), but I think a bandeau was the wrong hat style choice.

    Overall, this Trooping disappointed me unfortunately. I hope Ascot revives my spirit!

  2. Wondering if Princess Michael is wearing same hat (white pill box) and outfit as at the Queens Garden Party she attending recently?

  3. Thanks for you for covering more of the extended family.

    I always like a big interesting statement hat so I liked Lady Gabriella Windsor’s the most. She looked impeccably elegant as always and I loved the pairing of the cream hat with a coral dress. I also love how Zenouska Mowatt isn’t afraid of bright vibrant colours in her outfits.

  4. HatQueen, it’s amazing that you covered the entire balcony crowd at all, let alone so well! I’m delighted that you did. Gabriella’s timeless picture hat is my favorite. I’m on the fence about Lady FredericK’s slice since that sharp upward slant throws it off. Good for Helen and Flora for getting another wear from their hats from Gabriella’s wedding. And I appreciate the Gloucester hat-sharing.

    • Yes, SUCH great coverage here. I also really like Gabriella’s hat (she looks fab in coral) but I LOVE Zenouska’s pink bandeau (such a better word for these hats than headband). I’m also liking Lady Helen’s hat more each time I see it.

  5. Can you imagine the call from Rose Gilman to the Duchess of Gloucester? “Mummy, I need to borrow a hat, can I come over right now??”

  6. I really like the Countess of St. Andrews’ hat. It’s interesting and uncommon in shape and the taupe accents are lovely. Wish we had more pics of it!

  7. I love Zenouska Mowatt’s bandeau – it’s one of the best bandeaus (bandeaux?) we’ve seen recently, in my opinion, both in terms of style/shape and colour.

  8. First of all, Hat Queen, you outdid yourself getting these photos and figuring out milliners for members of the Royal Family the media overlook, but whom we all adore. So, a massive Thank You for your hard work!!

    Zenouska Mowatt was so stylish! I adore her dress, her sweet shoes and fun bandeau. Great look!

    I love Lady Frederick’s hat. She always goes bold like the Duchess of Cornwall and I love her for it.

    Lady Gabriella wore the prettiest hued coat dress. I adore that color, and her hat is so beautiful. She wears Treacy hats so well and this one was a standout!

    Always wonderful to see Lady Helen and the other family members. Missing the Chattos, Tindalls, and Snowdons. Hopefully they’ll pop by for Ascot.

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