Queen Visits Edinburgh Farm

Queen Elizabeth’s Holyrood week in Scotland continued yesterday with a visit to Gorgie City Farm in Edinburgh. For this event, she repeated the same split crown design in cream straw and lime silk wool that she wore on the last day of Royal Ascot two weeks ago. The hat is trimmed simply with a spray of silk orchids and a slim green bow at the side

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Today’s photos show great views of this hat’s complex shape. While impeccably finished, I find the shape and mix of materials splitting the crown awkward. The colour is wonderfully fresh and zing-y but the shape doesn’t do it for me.

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It seems that Olive the duck might agree.

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Designer: Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: June 22, 2019March 28, 2019April 21, 2016 

Do these views change your thoughts about this hat?

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9 thoughts on “Queen Visits Edinburgh Farm

  1. I have never warmed to this hat (and was relieved I didn’t have to comment upon it on it’s outing on the fifth day of Ascot!). The shape of the crown seems unnessarily complicated and the UFO like orchid buds get on my nerves.
    It must be very difficult to come up with a new or different design each time though.

    Maybe Queen E. just likes the colour and material of the coat a lot.
    I wonder: would HM’s staff be secretely placing bets as to her choices of wardrobe for different devents?

  2. Agree with everyone else that it’s beyond perplexing how we’ve seen this one again, especially as it had to travel to Scotland (as opposed to the possibility of there being a separate Scottish wardrobe). I love the color of this green, especially on the coat, but the more I see this hat, the more it confuses me; it definitely could’ve been executed better.

  3. I too was left scratching my head by such a sudden repeat. It’s most strange. I’d love to go in and design a repeat rota for HM’s outfits (and helpfully ‘suggest’ the ones I’d like to see again… this one has has three wears in three months, and yet the stunning pink hat worn the day before her 90th bday has not seen the light of day again!)

    These pics also highlight my quibbles with this hat. If you look at the back view the curve where the crown is split is quite clear. I don’t mind this shape at all, and find it quite a fun detail. At the front however the join is very flat, which made me not realise it was from the well known split crown block. If that was sorted I think I’d be much happier with this hat.

  4. Agree Maja, I am curious how this process goes about
    I can picture this a list of suggestions brought to the queen and she says, no no , yes , no
    May I suggest the brooch you worn 7 years ago.
    something like that but nothing like that of course

  5. I’m dying to know how these choices are made. We have hats that aren’t seen in years (this hat in fact had a gap of 3 years) and then this hat is worn THREE times in three months. And this time worn with rare brooches, not seen in over 7 years.
    Oh, to get a day with Angela Kelly to ask her all these logistical questions!

    As for this hat, I like the idea, but don’t really find the end product harmonious or cohesive.
    If a green repeat was wanted for this visit I would have loved to see this one again:
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Maja, I couldn’t agree with you more! Someone needs to find AK’s email address, and as a united group, let’s flood her inbox with questions and suggestions! If we go back a mere 10 years, I guarantee our collective group could literally come up with no fewer than 100 unseen summer hats that have been collecting cobwebs and dust! I could pick the most distant and presumably challenging year – 2009, and present 10 winners that would still be current and accessible today!

    • I agree as well! One thing we can’t tell for sure is the weight of each outfit and its suitability for the expected weather. Of course, sometimes it appears through photographs that the Queen is wearing clothes whose colors are either too springy for winter or too wintry for spring. But why yesterday’s grass green outfit was suddenly worn 3 times in rapid succession after a 3-year hiatus seems illogical. So it would be nice if someone would provide what must be a logical explanation.

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