Monday Multiples: Queen Máxima

We’re going to take a quick series detour today into Queen Máxima’s closet. Jimbo’s posts will return next week!

Today we’re going to look at the three neutral hued hats that Queen Máxima has paired with her Natan emerald silk suit:

Look #1: With a beigey-pink ruched calot hat by Fabienne Delvigne worn September 14, 2014 

Look #2: With a golden-wheat straw Fabienne Delvigne slice hat worn June 18, 2016 

Embed from Getty Images

Look #3: Almond straw cloche with side feather spray by Fabienne Delvigne worn May 28, 2019

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Which hat do you prefer most with this suit?

Photos from Getty as indicated; Patrick van Katwijik via Corbis

19 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Queen Máxima

  1. The slice hat for sure. The large brims frame her big smiles and suit her bubbly personality. The calot seems to restrain her. Which is probably the affect she was going for at the church service. The cloche makes her look a bit goofy. That’s the wonder of Maxima she will give anything a try.

  2. I have to say none of these are favourites. Ordinarily the large-brimmed hats work well on Maxima, but I really don’t like the angle of this one, it looks as though the wind has caught it and blown the brim up (and I assume that wasn’t the case). There is something a bit off about the cloche too, I’m not sure what (maybe the crown is a smidgen too tall?). So that leaves the calot, and that’s leaving me underwhelmed too… I can’t help feeling the green suit could be paired with something better than any of these, although I’m not entirely sure what.

  3. I prefer look 2. I’ve never cared for that ruched calot. In many shots it looks to me like a failed hair extension! I like the cloche in look 3, but think it should be pulled down lower over the brow, rather than perched up on top.
    So look 2 it is, with one of Max’s signature hats and a jaunty butterfly bow brooch!

    • I agree with everything you’ve said Elizabeth. P.S. while the hats have been a mixed bag, the jewelry has always been on point!

    • I agree with you, Elizabeth, about the ruched calot looking as if it were a hair extension, but I think that’s because of the color. Of these three hats, I like the calot shape the best, but would have preferred it in a different color than her hair. Perhaps a pale green, to coordinate with the dress, but not be matchy. But I agree with everyone that of all royals, Maxima is the one who is most experimental with mixing and matching her wardrobe and accessories to great effect!

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