Belgian and Dutch Monarchs Celebrate Anniversary of Liberation

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde joined King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima in Terneuzen, Netherlands on Saturday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of The Netherlands in Zeeland.

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Queen Mathilde repeated her black calot overlaid in wide wrapping stripes of textured woven fabric that form a large, looping rosette motif on the side. We’ve seen it paired successfully with this black and white dress before, the two textural pieces combining to make an attractive, modern take on classic black and white.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Mar 22, 2019; Sep 24, 2018; July 14, 2018February 20, 2018

Queen Máxima repeated her fuchsia straw picture hat with sharply sidesweeping ‘slice’ brim.

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We’ve seen this hat several times before to greater success, I’m afraid, paired with more polished hairstyles and vibrant ensembles. In theory, I like the idea of a neutral ensemble with bright accessories but something about the styling of this particular ensemble feels a bit off balance- maybe it’s the front time on the skirt that’s throwing things off? What IS working for me is something I don’t usually comment about and that’s King Willem-Alexander’s very distinguished looking summer beard! Dapper, indeed.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: July 3, 2016;  April 13, 2016April 27, 2015

We’ve seen both these hats before- what do you think of their outings over the weekend?

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9 thoughts on “Belgian and Dutch Monarchs Celebrate Anniversary of Liberation

  1. First of all, KW-A, shave that beard! I like you clean-shaven, sir!

    I like QMathilde’s dress and hat very much. I pop of red would be really great.

    I like QMaxima’s hat and accessories, but I do NOT like that skirt. OY. Not good! Her hair would have been great in a low bun.

  2. Not a new look for Mathilde, but still a polished and elegant one for her.

    As for the colors of Máxima’s accessories, I think this hat can look more fuchsia or burgundy red depending on what else is worn with it, and also probably the lighting; in the past this hat has looked more pink, but this time more red, and I think it’s the burgundy bag, gloves, and shoes. As for the outfit itself, I think a fitted and collared blouse would much improve this look rather than the flowy top, which looks out of place with the formality of the rest of the ensemble.

    P.S. Why did both kings not wear the lapel pins in the lapels of their jackets? Odd . . . (how does one get a job helping to style European kings?), although a beard does suit Willem-Alexander, something I didn’t think would work.

  3. Q. Maxima’s hat is big and colourful, which suits her style. The plain blouse and skirt, however, are neither.
    Q. Mathilde’s hat goes well with her outfit without being matchy-matchy. Not headline-making, but a good look all the same.

    Also, yay for Zeeland! Like York, its fame is somewhat overshadowed by its ‘New’ version.

  4. Well after seeing so many pics of hat-wearing royal gentlemen looking sharp in Jake’s recent series, Willem-Alexander (and the other men) look under-dressed. Never mind the beard, I find myself thinking, where’s his hat?
    Maxima’s blouse and skirt haven’t improved since their previous outing. A choirboy shirt can look great…. on a choirboy. Or Queen Rania. Or Dona Victoria Federica de Marichalar, with her ethereal pre-Raphaelite looks. On the rest of us, it’s not so much angel wear as sleepwear. As for the tie-front on the skirt, is there a woman alive whose elegance is enhanced by placing wads of fabric across her stomach as the focal point of her outfit? the design and position of the fabric tie is a mistake, in my view. Never mind, the outfit is saved by a great hat and great earrings (plus great gloves and shoes too).
    Mathilde wears her lovely black hat beautifully — but this outfit still feels disjointed to me, due I think to the patterned skirt looking so different and separate from the bodice. As an entire dress, there’s a lot going on. If the skirt were a plain grey with no pattern, I think I could enjoy the black accents made by this delightful hat, and the black accessories, a lot more.

  5. I am not too fond of Mathilde’s hat , it’s almost a hair ornament.
    I am not too fond of Maxima’s hat either, though I like a bit of colour with a celebration, these reds however are all different, I agree about her hair.

  6. I like Matilde’s ensemble, but it’s definitely the skirt that throws Maxima’s outfit off – that weird tie front that has the floppy wrinkled top is just wrong on what appears to be a linen skirt. Linen is one of m least favourite fabrics for its creasing, and here it does its worst.

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