Dutch Monarchs Visit Southwest Drenthe

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima braved temperamental weather today on a regional visit that took them to four towns in the northern area of Southwest Drenthe.

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For this visit, Queen Máxima repeated her waved headpiece in blush striped silk abaca, trimmed with a large coordinating silk flower.

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There’s much to love about this headpiece- it’s beautiful shape, sense of movement, exquisite lightness and the lovely contrast provided by those stripes. What doesn’t work here for me is the styling- there’s just too much going on. Ruffled high necked blouses and sweeping headpieces are usually an unsuccessful combination adding a fussy, voluminous trouser suit is never going to help. After Máxima’s stellar look yesterday for Prinsjesdag, this ensemble just falls flat. Although… if I’m honest… this headpiece has always felt a little flat in comparison to it’s stunning cousin.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Oct 12, 2017;  May 27, 2014;  March 24, 2014

I’m curious, dear readers- if you were tasked with styling this headpiece on Queen Máxima, what would you pair it with?

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Photos from social media and Getty as indicated 

17 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Visit Southwest Drenthe

  1. Oh dear! How could Queen Maxima get things so badly wrong? Especially in the light of the stellar outfit and hat of earlier in the week! Let’s forgive and forget and move on…

  2. Just thought I’d throw in the full length pic of the dress worn in Portugal visit in 2017- it’s the polarising feather skirt: Embed from Getty Images
    I really like the delicacy of the feather skirt to complement this hat — just not the shapeless shower curtain blouse that goes with it — and I like the 2014 German visit dress. The comments contain some great suggestions for other stylings, such as the Garter dress. I also think the hat could work well with the dress in this link (May 23, 2019) which we’ve seen before, worn with a wide hat.
    What I notice most is the difference the hairstyle makes. With today’s hairstyle (hair worn down) I find the hat dull, whereas when worn with an updo (notably the 2 prior outings) the hat’s design looks really lovely and interesting.

  3. I looked at the top photo and thought “What a mess.” The messy loose hair really doesn’t do that hat justice, and that’s before you add the garments beneath. I completely agree with you, HatQueen, The hat has potential, but the styling here definitely detracts.

  4. This is such a Máx way of styling. Pieces that in theory go together, but when done so it’s just overkill. The issue is volume, the hat, blouse, jacket and culottes are all quite big. If two elements were toned down this could work.

  5. I agree that there is too much going on in this outfit. I, personally, like the outfit just as it is, but not with this hat. The German visit dress and hat worked best in the outfits she has worn with this hat IMHO. This hat needs to be the star of the outfit without anything else competing for your attention. It is a very beautiful and interesting hat!

  6. Oh dear, Tuesday everything was all right, but today everything is all wrong!
    I don’t like the boxy jacket, nor the unflattering pants, nor the frilly blouse.
    There is too much of the same colour for my taste and the loose hair doesn’t pair with the hat!
    I agree with you that this hat would look much better with a dress. And please, while we are changing the dress, could we put the hair up too?

  7. I’d keep the hat and jacket, but go with a simple top and skirt or just a dress underneath, and I would also add in some darker colors to break up all this beige! These types of hats don’t pair well with trousers IMO; either a wide brim or a small fascinator works with trousers, but anything else can be harder to pull off. And while I love a good side chignon on Máxima, I’m also enjoying this relaxed and down hairstyle from this outing and Prinjesdag.

  8. I like the hat, but not the boxy jacket and fussy blouse paired with it, especially in this unflattering shade for Maxima.

  9. The airy hat needs likewise clothes, I would pair it with a dress that is fitted on top maybe with a cap sleeve, small brooch, and a skirt that flows like the hat, a belt in different colour matching purse and shoes and Bob’s your uncle.

  10. Love the hat, but the outfit needs to be more sleek. It is too busy with the cropped pants and jacket with a bow and ruffled neckline and sleeves. We are loosing the drama of the hat with all the beige.

  11. Hmm, this would be a better match for the 2018 Prinsjesdag gown than the disc hat she wore, but there would be the same problem with the fussy high neck and volume. (Can you tell I don’t like that dress?) It would pair well with the Order of the Garter caped coat dress, but that one already has a perfect hat. So, I’m picking the sleek May 2014 ensemble.

    • mittenmary, if you’re referring to the previous wearing of this same hat on the German visit, I’m with you! That dress is sleek and gorgeously styled, with no extraneous ornamentation, made from what appears to be a beautiful fabric. I think a hat like this needs a dress that is not the slightest bit fussy, and not competing with the hat for attention. Gigi below suggested pencil pants, which I thought about, but I think the hat is too fancy to go with pants, I think it needs a dress or skirt.

      • Exactly, Matthew! As I said, the Order of the Garter dress

        Embed from Getty Images

        could also work, but the hat she wore for that occasion worked so well. So, hope we get a reappearance of that 2014 German visit dress.

  12. I like the hat, but the ruffle on the shirt needs to go. What about pencil pants with the cropped jacket? A much sleeker look I think…

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