Danish Opening Of Parliament 2019

Members of the Danish royal family attended their country’s annual opening of Parliament yesterday in Copenhagen. Queen Margrethe wore an unexpectedly quick repeat of the purple felt hat we saw her wear over the weekend. There’s not much to add to my last comments- great colour, interesting brim shape and lovely proportions. The bow is not my favourite trim option for this hat but it works.

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Designer: Likely Per Falk Hansen
Previously Worn: Sep 28, 2019; Jan 20, 2013; Apr 1, 2013; Oct 20, 2012; Oct 2, 2012; Jan 15, 2012

Crown Princess Mary repeated the pink brimless hat we first saw her wear in Latvia late last year.

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Photos from this outing show the hat is not a pillbox as it first appears (and continues to appear, from front and side views!) but follows a calot shape with indented center that forms a thick, raised cuff around the design. While I don’t adore the shape, it certainly gives the hat more presence and statement than a traditional pillbox shape would have, and for that reason, I like it more than I did on its first outing. Pink can be tricky in royal wardrobes (easily too bright or too twee) but this dusky hue works really well on Mary and the overall look is polished and sleek.

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Designer: Susanne Yuul. Coat by Claes Iversen.
Previously Worn: Dec 6, 2018 

Princess Benedikte topped her hunter green wool with coordinating felt hat with high bumper sides and domed crown trimmed with two navy straw leaves that artfully wave from one side across the back of the design.

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I can’t remember seeing Benedikte in a hat this colour and the departure is a good one, particularly with the addition of her patterned silk dress to give the ensemble some lift.

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What do you think of this trio of hats yesterday in Copenhagen?

Photos from Getty and social media as indicated 

10 thoughts on “Danish Opening Of Parliament 2019

  1. For any of your readers who are as old and/or inept with technology as I am: the little dots under the Getty Images mean that there are additional pictures! For ages, I’ve wondered how people could comment on views I didn’t see.

  2. Elegant looks all around, but I’m with Jake in liking Benedikte’s best. Her go-to hat shape works well in this autumnal dark green. I love how she has picked up the colors from her dress (great pattern!) with her brooch.

    Are those leaves fluttering a little in the wind? They look different in every photo.

  3. After not seeing this hat for 6 years, I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was that Margrethe would repeat it only a few days apart. Still, it’s a great look, even if the underside bow is a bit twee at certain angles.

    I preferred this hat thinking it was a pillbox shape, and liked it better with her hair down. Despite those issues I have, this remains a lovely ensemble for Mary, and the pairing of oxblood accessories this time is fantastic for a bit more color contrast.

    Benedikte, like so often, is my favorite. The forest green is fabulous on her, and a color more royals should try out. This hat shape is always wonderful on her, and the patterned dress and brooch are icing on the cake. Brava!

  4. I think this is a very chic trio.

    Margrethe suits that purple so well. She clearly dug it out of the wardrobe and fancied giving it another go – good call, it’s a very regal look.

    Mary still looks stunning in this outfit. The sunny day makes it really shine, it’s. Polished be bold outfit. I Love the coat and the hat is a perfect and understated complement.

    And Benedikte – elegant as ever in that lovely green!

    • Well said JamesB!

      Three great hats and looks. I love the forest green on Princess Benedikte, and CP Mary looks wonderful in the pillbox/calot/brimless hats.

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