Autumn Phillips’ Christmas Hats

A royal hat wearer who as emerged as one to watch over recent years is Autumn Phillips. Today, we’re taking a look back at the hats she has worn on Christmas Day:

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Fuzzy white beret in 2008; Black trilby with bow tied hatband in 2009

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Grey wool crowned hat with high, faux fur cuffed brim in 2011;
Burgundy button percher with feather flowers by Nerida Fraiman in 2012

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Tall navy brimless hat with pork pie crown in 2013

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Chocolate Juliette Botterill beret percher with bow in 2014; Navy felt saucer with looped bow by Rachel Black in 2016

    Embed from Getty Images
Red pleated velvet button percher by Emily London in 2017;
Emerald green felt curved beret percher with bow by Sally Ann Provan in 2018

It’s a millinery look that has become more polished over time I suspect, thanks to a stylist’s guiding hand. Autumn suits smaller scale percher pieces so well, the dark hues here contrasting beautifully against her fair complexion and blonde hair. What do you think of this millinery retrospective?

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13 thoughts on “Autumn Phillips’ Christmas Hats

  1. Lovely retrospective HQ. I also think that Autumn has evolved significantly her style in the right direction. Not just in millinery terms. I love the 2017 and 2018 hats. They are both very different and stylish and yet set her appart from Catherine and Megan. With the two duchesses and the York princesses taking all the attention, Autumn has found her relatively quiet way of standing out. Mostly through her hats. I also understand she is fun and keeps it light at the family gatherings. I think her demeanour and sartorial choices show she is comfortable ‘in her own shoes’.

  2. She really did up her game in 2012 didn’t she. And it’s stayed on point ever since. She’s a stylish woman who has really found her groove. She always looks great these days. I think 2017 might be my favourite; I love the red velvet with the chopsticks, it’s festive and fun.

  3. With only one exception, It looks like Autumn looks better and better, each year. I actually like last year’s green the best – great color with her hair, then the red from 2017. If 2012 and 2013 were switched, then the improvement progression would be flawless, according to my untrained eyes, who hardly ever sees lovely local millinery .

  4. The only hat I don’t care for from this group is 2011’s faux fur hat. I like the look of 2008’s white beret with the burgundy jacket, but the whole look feels a bit casual for Christmas at Sandringham; otherwise it’s a great everyday winter ensemble! 2014, 2016, and 2018 are my favorites, with 2014 probably being my absolute favorite for the overall styling. These are followed closely by 2017; 2017’s red hat gets docked a couple points for the off-balanced placement, but is a great hat otherwise. I hope Autumn shows up again this year in another great hat!

  5. Sooo much to like in this collection!
    I don’t recall seeing the 2009 black trilby before and I’m loving it, so it’s my standout amid some great competition. The curving lines and asymmetry are spot on. I love seeing Autumn in trilbys/ fedoras– here are more (including bonus pics of Zara).
    Embed from Getty Images
    Speaking of Zara, HQ are you going to do other royals’ Xmas hats such as Zara, Beatrice, Eugenie, etc? this series is so interesting. But no pressure!

  6. This might be my favorite retrospective. I love Autumn Phillips and find her style is wonderful. Her hat choices over the years are fun and stylish, and I would love to be in her hat closet. My number one favorite (like everyone else’s) is the red velvet from 2017. It is so festive and the color is spectacular on her.
    The 2013 navy brimless is wonderful on her (as is that fabulous coat!). We often see her in perchers, so brimless is a nice departure. I’d love to see her in more of these.
    As for the rest, they are all so stunning that I could go on and on. As Matilde Mbulo said “She’s got great taste.” I wholeheartedly agree! Well said!

  7. I absolutely love how her look has become more polished over time and it is fascinating to look at this collection of Christmas hats. My favorite is the red velvet – beautifully proportioned for her and such a becoming color.

    • That red is my favorite, too, trickymum! And I love that it’s so Christmassy. While Autumn wears perchers beautifully, I also like the trilby and the 2013 navy.

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