This Week’s Extras

Empress Masako, Crown Princess Kiko, Princess Mako and Princess Kako wore pastel silk-covered small scale hats on December 23 for a visit to Imperial Palace for Emperor Emeritus Akihito’s 86th birthday.

On Christmas Day, Queen Sonja wore a chic brown fedora with striped hatband matching her scarf to Holmenkollen Chapel in Oslo.
French magazine Point de Vue featured an in-depth interview with Belgian milliner Fabienne Delvigne. It’s in French but with the help of an auto-translator, is still an interesting read.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Adore the stitching detail on this grey trilby from Japanese millinery brand Maxim
Snazzy black knit ski hat with vibrant sequinned trim from New-York-based milliner Abigail Alridge
Textured ivory halo bandeau with flying baubles by Irish milliner Julie Kenny
Relaxed tan felt fedora with macrame side detail from American milliner Genevieve Rose
And the perfect headpiece for New Year’s Eve in cut charcoal grey feathers with a crystal studded veil from UK-based Italian milliner Guilia Mio

More lovely Christmas photo greetings from:  Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia;
And finally, the Swedish royal family’s annual documentary of their year can be watched here– turn on closed captioning in Swedish then enable your browser’s auto-translator to read the text in your preferred language.

Photos from social media as indicated

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Looking forward to watching the Swedish documentary and the Fabienne Delvigne interview when I have a few minutes.

    I agree with Shanon about the stitched detail on the Maxim trilby. I want it for myself, but it’s more likely to end up on Princess Tsuguko, who would wear it beautifully. I know many of us are getting tired of bandeaus, but the trim on the red Millinery by Mel piece gives it a lot more substance than the headband-type styles. My, that Giulia Mio headpiece is a dazzler! Too bad that even royals don’t this kind of thing in the evening anymore.

  2. – Great bunch of hats on the Japanese Royals!
    – Fabulous Christmas photo from the Dutch Royal Family. I love the colorful dresses!
    – I was hoping you’d post the latest photo of the Cambridge’s with Prince William in a hat!
    – Fun photo of the Sussex family with Archie front and center! ha ha

    – Adore the stitching detail on this grey trilby from Japanese millinery brand Maxim. I think Princess Tsuguko would look great in this.
    – Princess Charlotte hands down for the sequinned toque by Abigail Alridge! Love it!
    – I could see Queen Sonja in the tan felt fedora with macrame side detail from Genevieve Rose
    – Princess Sofia for the wide brimmed black felt hat by Jane Taylor
    – Maybe the Duchess of Gloucester in the vintage braided trim edging the brim of this natural straw hat by Wendy Louise Diggles
    – The Bundle McLaren trilbys are so fun! I could see Princess Madeleine in these colors.
    – I’m really digging the formed beret percher in black & white hound’s tooth check by Lia Gureeva. Zara Tindall would look fun in this.

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