Princess Eugenie’s Christmas Hats

We continue our retrospectives on hats worn on Christmas Day today with a peek into Princess Eugenie’s archive:

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Velvet hats in jewel tones for Christmases 1995 through 2001

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 Mulberry stovepipe cloche with feather explosion in 2002; Winter white beret in 2003; Cuffed faux fur hat in 2004

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Burgundy felt beret in 2005; Chocolate cocktail hat with feathers and looped bows in 2006: Ivory beret in 2007

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 Black felt blocked beret in 2008; Philip Treacy fuchsia fedora in 2009; 

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Philip Treacy Black fedora with pheasant feathers in 2010; Burgundy stylized beret with rose in 2011;

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 Repeat of the 2008 black felt blocked beret in 2012 and 2013 (with an added Christmas tree pin)

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Juliette Botterill cerise percher with knotted trim in 2014; Nerida Fraiman teal straw percher with black crin in 2015;
Sarah Cant scarlet felt button with sculpted leaves and silk blooms in 2016

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Whiteley cuffed black felt beret with bow in 2017; Emily London black ruched bandeau in 2018;
Juliette Botterill blue silk bandeau with arrow trimmed feathers in 2019

I love a jewel tone on Eugenie so in this collection, my eye is naturally drawn to the colourful designs worn in 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2016, along with the beautiful blue feather trimmed bandeau she wore last year. What do you notice about this collection? Which designs stand out most to you?

Photos by Geoff Robinson/Shutterstock; Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Princess Eugenie’s Christmas Hats

  1. So many berets, even discounting all the childhood ones. 2016’s scarlet button is my winner in the collection. Eugenie looks great in jewel tones.

  2. I agree with JamesB that winter seems to suit Eugenie (or Eugenie seems to suit winter?). 2002’s hat is obviously a bit dated with its tall & narrow shape, but I would love to see something similar color- and trim-wise make a return on Eugenie’s head. I had forgotten how chic she looked in 2008 with that molded black beret and tailored sky blue coat; while 2012 wasn’t as colorful, she still was very chic again in this same hat (not such a fan of 2013’s placement on her head though). 2010 and 2011 were great hat choices, but her hair was unfortunately a bit too wind-blown for truly polished looks overall. 2014’s cocktail hat was a great choice, but ultimately 2016 triumphed over it IMO; my only complaint about 2016 is her hairstyle, otherwise it ties with 2008 as my favorite of this group.

  3. 2016 red button was the clear winner for me. The color is exceptional on Eugenie and the styling is great – right down to the matching red lip. I like the beret styles on her (2005, 2008, 2013, 2017) and the blue/grey beret/tam (?) with matching muff from her youth (second slide, second photo just behind the Duke of Edinburgh).

  4. Excluding the 7 hats of her youth, Eugenie wore a black headpiece 8 out of the following 18 years.
    Like many here, I like color for Christmas.
    Like trickymum, the 2 fedoras are very nice, even though one is black and the pink one looks too big for her.
    Like Jack, I like the 2014 cerise percher, which we saw again on Easter in 2018, and the 2016 red button.

  5. I actually find this collection much stronger than her sister’s from a couple of weeks back. Eugenie’s colouring does so well suit deep, rich colours, and so that gorgeous scarlet percher and the stunning fuchsia structured beret are fabulous on her. She also suits black so well, and contrasting that to a brightly coloured coat works well on her. I think winter is Eugenie’s season, she looks great ok so many of these.

  6. I think the 2014 and 2016 looks are the pick of the lot. Many of the berets look sloppy. The coat from 2017 needs to be placed in the burn bag.

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