Dutch Queen Countdowns to Birthday With Music

Queen Máxima continued her support of the “More Music in the Classroom” campaign and its ‘50days of Music’ countdown to her 50th birthday with a visit to Keukenhof Lisse on Tuesday to see a children’s music program in action.

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For this event, she pulled a headpiece from her closet not seen in nearly a decade, a bandeau covered in beigey-pink silk petals that form a flower on top.

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It’s a good choice for a less formal daytime event and while I’m not always a fan of head-to-toe looks in the same colour, there is enough pattern in the skirt to keep the look from feeling one-note (music pun!). That being said, I think the ensemble works better with the coat than without it. And is it me, or is the headpiece looking a little rough around the edges (literally) compared to its first outing in 2011?

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Blouse and skirt by Natan.
Previously Worn: March 10, 2011

Last night, the king and queen were joined by their daughters and Princess Beatrix for a 50th birthday concert in The Hague. Máxima paired her spectacular Iris Van Herpen gown with emerald jewels including a butterfly brooch, tucked into her hair behind her left ear. Many of you will recognize the brooch from previous wearings (as a brooch!) below.

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For many of us, this is our first view of the pink flower petal bandeau. What do you think?

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15 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Countdowns to Birthday With Music

  1. I actually like the blush day time look, I thought it looked very pretty, but I can understand comments about the washed out effect of the shade. I think Maxima perhaps suits strong colours better. The headband looked OK although I agree it does look a tad worn out! I am not a fan of headbands but this one is not too “in your face”.
    I agree with Lesley regarding the evening gown, it is a definite NO from me, the lines of the overlay make for an extremely unflattering effect around the midriff in particular. Agree with Jimbo the hair parting is too severe. Otherwise I thought it was fab to see some bling, especially emeralds, and I love the use of the brooch in her hair. The girls are a “work in progress” fashion wise so I won’t comment.

    • I think the evening dress could work very well on Kate – the design around the waist would work well plus it’s rather a whimsical style which suits Kate very well. I don’t think whimsical particularly suits the statuesque Maxima.

  2. The day look is nice enough, it’s a lot of blush but the textures do lift it. I do agree though that the hat looks like it might have been sat on!

    I’m quite a fan of the evening looks. Máx’s look is the kind of fearless one that only she attempts. The overlay puckers a bit but that’s kind of inevitable. The girls all look fab, I like how they’re all so different looking and have their own styles emerging too. I think they’ll be lots of fun over the years to come. And what a lovely close and loving family they seem too.

  3. Whew, that’s a lot of beige! Clearly I’m wishing for some more color, and the one thing I would definitely change is the blouse; it isn’t flattering and doesn’t work well with the overall look, and should be a different color IMO (a darker shade of blue?). Concerning the bandeau itself, I think it works very well for the occasion and looks great with this hairstyle; it’s also nice to see an older hat come back out of the hat boxes, which gives me hope for appearances of other hats we haven’t seen for a while.

  4. O dear – theres a lot of negativity of around. I always try to see the positive too. Maxima is always smiling, and impeccably turned out. The colour is chic and tasteful, as is the headband. So, I love it! She looks AMAZING!

  5. Since I always look at the glass as half full, I’ll start with the positives:
    1. Visiting a school of youngsters, Maxima appears as a VERY well dressed teacher. I don’t notice excessive wrinkles.
    2. The beds of flowers are outstanding.
    3. Maxima’s hair looks very nice pulled back.
    4. The butterfly brooch is beautiful in her hair.

    Now for the negatives:
    1. The blush/pink color is too bland, especially for school kids, and Maxima (and her hair) all blend together with the paleness.
    2. The bandeau looks juvenile and tired. Put it to rest.
    3. I’m not a fan of Maxima’s evening gown. Lesleyc19’s accurate comment was very polite.
    4. Maxima’s straight hair parted in the middle was too severe for me.
    5. Why didn’t Beatrix get the evening gown memo?
    6. What did Alexia do wrong, that she was forced to wear such torturous and unflattering shoes.

    All that said, it is truly wonderful seeing the beautiful family out again.

    • Jumbo – I don’t know why Maxima chooses blush, mustards, grey and yellow shades – they seem to draw her like a moth to a flame. They just don’t work with her complexion and passion for bronzer.

      • Jimbo – my apologies. My earlier comment was made on my iPhone and I have a badly-behaved keyboard that has a mind of it’s own. I corrected Jumbo to Jimbo twice and it still managed to change it. Predictive text will likely be the death of me.

        • No worries, it has happened several times before. I am starting to embrace the name these days, as the mirror doesn’t lie!

  6. No to the pinkish beige hat and blouse/ skirt combination. The color is not flattering and I find the entire outfit sloppy. The tulips, however— oh my gosh! Heavenly!

    Not sure about the evening gown. It’s the side inserts at the midriff that bother me. The brooch, however, looks very nice.

  7. ugh. Blergh color, 80s shape, paired with wrinkles and an uneven hem. Max pulls off the greeny-gold shades of beige but this pinkish one washes her out. Only the tulips and the children redeem these photos.

    The evening gown is fantastic, though.
    I had no idea Princess Beatrix was so petite (though most of us would be dwarfed by this crowd of tall Dutch beauties).

  8. The shirt and skirt, despite the fabric, is rather business-like in comparison to the frothiness of the headband. To me it’s a complete mismatch.

    I like the butterfly but prefer it worn as a brooch. The evening outfit is not a good look – it’s very unforgiving.

  9. I’m just so happy to see a) more royal hat events, and b) evening attire! The headband isn’t my favourite, but I think it goes better with this ensemble than on its previous outing.

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