Ascot Hats: Countess of Snowdon

With recent news that Royal Ascot is going ahead next week (albeit, at a reduced capacity), there’s no better prep for the races than to look back at races past! As such, here is a peek at all of the hats the Countess of Snowdon has worn to Royal Ascot:


1994 and 1995:

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Exaggerated lilac lampshade covered in feathers; veiled white lace capulet

1996 and 1998:  

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Ecru straw funnel percher with black stripes; Purple lace cloche

2002 and 2008:

Gold braided straw disc with flying feather bow; Ecru and brown feather spray with tan jinsin bow by Philip Treacy 


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Black silk button percher with roses by Rachel Trevor Morgan June 19;
Taupe silk percher with bow, curling quill and silver arrow feathers June 23


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Burgundy pheasant feather calot June 18; buff straw bandeau with ecru cut petals June 19, both by Stephen Jones

2014 and 2016:

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White Laura Cathcart button percher with floral vine;  White textured straw picture hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan

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Pale grey straw extended brim cloche June 20; Ivory textured straw Stephen Jones saucer with black feathers June 22
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Repeated ivory textured straw Stephen Jones saucer with black feathers
There are some brave and bold designs here, especially during the earlier years. The Countess’ style has certainly evolved over time, the later years showing a confident elegance that we have come to associate with her. While royal divorces are always sad news, I’ll particularly miss her fashion and hats at large family and racing events.
What do you notice about this evolution of the Countess’ Royal Ascot hats?

6 thoughts on “Ascot Hats: Countess of Snowdon

  1. I really think meh to most of them – there are two or three I like. The first hat is an absolute horror, even for the time it was worn. In later years so many of her outfits have seemed a tad matronly that even the hats can’t lift the outfits. The gold straw disc is the best one of the lot – her hair is longer and it has some life and pizzazz. The shorter hair seems to add to the feeling of matronliness.

  2. 2013’s fuchsia feathered Stephen Jones hat is by far my favorite hat of this group; such a beautiful shape and hue on Serena. 1995’s white lace capulet is a fascinating design that I was surprised to really like (although seems a bit impractical on such a sunny day). But overall I was not as impressed with this selection due to either the more bizarre designs from earlier (especially 1998) or the lack of color and sometimes odd placement later (although the lack of color is obviously a personal problem as most of the later hats are designed well).

  3. Serena made some bold choices early on! I quite like the 1995 white lace capulet. It’s different, yet stylish and compliments her outfit nicely. The 2013 fuchsia outfit and calot is a fabulous color and style on her. The 2014 percher is whimsical, but the 2017/2018 Stephen Jones saucer is my favorite. It’s quite an elegant choice. I really hope she appears at Ascot this year (as well as Autumn). It would be fun to see her with Lady Margarita.

  4. What a change 1995 was over the two preceding years. She toned it down and kept it elegant every year. You could count on her for a well planned and beautiful outfit from head to toe. The standout hat to me after the “93 and ’94 hats was the burgundy feather calot. I love that color and the coat dress looks beautiful from what we can see of it!

  5. She gives excellent hat does Serena. As you say in her younger days she was a lot more directional – the lace Juliet cap is my favourite from those days, but I’m also intrigued by the striped stovepipe. I don’t think I can ever quite get ok board with the oversized fraggle however.

    Although the hats in recent years have been much less edgy, they’re always elegant and beautiful. The magenta outfit was fabulous, and that floral coat is stunning, even if I think the hat was over trimmed for it.

    She and Autumn will both be much missed at hatted events.

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