Inventory: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s Red and Orange Hats

As public events for Luxembourg’s National holiday today were replaced with a speech from the Grand Duke (read it here), I thought we’d celebrate this day instead with an inventory of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s red and orange hats:

1. 2.Embed from Getty Images   3.
Designer: all are unknown
Introduced: April 12, 2003; April 24, 2006; May 9, 2010

4.   5.
Designer: both are Fabienne Delvigne
Introduced: Oct 20, 2012; Jun 23, 2017

It’s an ecclectic mix with some bold shapes! The challenge here was classifying the colour of #4, a coral-orange hue that leans to pink in some light. In the end, I decided it was more orange/red than pink but am open for further debate!

So… what do you think of this vibrant quartet of millinery on the Grand Duchess? What shades and shapes do you think suit her best?

Images from Getty as indicated; Mark Randers via Getty; Albert Nieboer/PPE; Christophe Licoppe/Photonews and Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images via Getty

7 thoughts on “Inventory: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s Red and Orange Hats

  1. I’m on board with Jake and Jimbo. #4 &#5 are the most flattering and #1 & #3 just overwhelm the petite grand duchess. #2 is very nice and matches the coat well. I’d have to say that of all these hats I like the scale, style and saturated red color of #5 the best.

  2. I actually like all of these; which surprises me, as hats can often overwhelm petite MT. I really love number 3, that red hat worn with that denim blue/grey works really well.
    Reds and oranges are clearly her colours!

    • I don’t love any of these, but I agree that the color combination in #3 works really well. And that’s so true about reds and oranges flattering her!

  3. I also like hat #2, and it looks like a Treacy design to me. #4 and #5 also look better on Maria Teresa, but I think that’s because she suits reds better than oranges and I think #1 and #3 would not flatter a majority of people.

  4. I quite like the jaunty shape of Hat #2. Hats 4&5 are my favorite color and shapes on her. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa is quite a petite lady, so I find the larger brims overwhelm her a bit.

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