Inventory: Princess Beatrice’s Black & White Hats

Princess Beatrice celebrated her 33rd birthday on Sunday, an event we mark here with a hat inventory! For the first time, we’re looking at black and white hats and while it’s not a colour combination that immediately comes to mind for this York princess, it should be- we’ve seen her in ten such designs so far! Here they are in the order of debut:

1.Embed from Getty Images  2.Embed from Getty Images  3.Embed from Getty Images 
Designer: all are Philip Treacy
Introduced: June 17, 2008; June 16, 2009; June 18, 2009; 

4.  5.  6.
Designer: Philip Treacy; Nerida Fraiman; Sarah Cant
Introduced: December 25, 2010; May 24, 2016; June 10, 2016

7.  8.Embed from Getty Images 
Designer: Juliette Botterill; Nerida Fraiman
Introduced: December 25, 2016; June 22, 2017

9.  10.
Designer: Sally Ann Provan; Judy Bentinck
Introduced: June 21, 2018; June 9, 2019

Its an impressive and graphic millinery group that Beatrice wears really well. While the early, dramatic Philip Treacy perchers look a bit dated now, they were the height of fashion at the time- all of these hats reflect trends at the times they were worn. I’ve always adored the playful movement of #6 and think the most recent three hats, with their more sophisticated lines, suit this York princess so well. It was for very good reason that #9 was our favourite new hat of the year in 2018.

What does this collection of black and white hats say to you?

Images from Getty as indicated; Max Mumby/Indigo, John Stillwell – WPA Pool, Chris Jackson, Mark Cuthbert/UK Press, Steve Parsons/PA Images, and Chris Jackson via Getty

15 thoughts on “Inventory: Princess Beatrice’s Black & White Hats

  1. I agree that it is interesting to watch Beatrice’s style evolve over the years, and also to note the variety of hat designers whose styles she has worn. But looking back at each of the posts showing additional photos, I am reminded of how often I like her hat and/or her dress but not necessarily worn together. I know the combos have been described as “forward” or “experimental”, but often I just think they don’t go. However, Bea does look great in black & white against her hair color and skin tone, and like others, I do hope some of these hats might make other appearances in the future.

    Just as an aside, if you scroll the entire post for #10, I think both Sophie’s and Lady Louise’s hats worn on that day might have looked nice as well on Beatrice.

    • There was an article in this week’s Daily Telegraph with the stylist hired by Sarah Ferguson in 2012 for Beatrice and Eugenie. Initially, hired because 2012 was such a busy year for the BRF. The stylist based many of the outfits and fabrics on the Queen’s wardrobe from the 50s. Unfortunately it’s behind a paywall.

      I know people state Beatrice’s hat worn at W&K’s wedding in 2011 but the rest of the outfit was absolutely gorgeous – all by Valentino. She wore it again for a wedding in Italy. I think it was one of the best outfits she’s ever worn.

  2. Altogether a really pleasing array. Number 9 is deservedly a winner, and I really like number 6 too. I have mixed feelings about 7, it’s dashing, but I think it’s also a very demanding hat; the mixture of the houndstooth and the rose means it’s such a busy look that it only works on absolutely the right person with absolutely the right outfit to complement it.

  3. What a lovely look back! It’s wonderful to see how her style has evolved and matured…..her more recent looks are just so lovely, and she gets it right much more often than she misses!
    The earlier years were certainly madcap (heh)– and of the time, but she still wore them with a certain aplomb that belied her years. The seeds of her current style were well planted and have grown beautifully.

  4. You’ve nailed it, Shanon! These two are my favorites, as well, for the reasons you give. While I love Autumn’s light blue version of the Sally Provan, the black and white has some extra sophistication.

    This retrospective shows increasing polish, a good quality for a Princess in her ‘30.

  5. Wow, these all look really good on Princess Beatrice, and I’m surprised there’s so many in this color combination. Two absolutely stand out for me: #6 is fun and flirty and is dynamite with that wonderful coat. I love that she tries bold fashion, and that coat is truly a gem. #9 is one of the greatest hats ever. It has a subtle way of saying “look at me” without being over the top. The jaunty angle it sits on her head, coupled with those fantastic black roses with spikes coming off the leaves makes this such a beautiful, edgy hat. She looks sensational in it and I hope she wears it again and again.

    • I agree. While we also loved Autumn Phillip’s turquoise version of #9 too, this was superior.
      Do we know if she has repeated any of these hats, or were they borrowed for the occasions shown?

  6. Black/white is awesome on Beatrice. The early gravity defying perchers are not my favorites, but the bullseye hat from 2009 is great. Her Christmas “hat” is enhanced with the red splash of color, and my favorite is #9 from 2018.
    If you Google “Princess Beatrice Garden Party 2017,” you’ll see her wearing the deepest, darkest navy/white boater, but it sure looks black/white to my old eyes. I’m embarrassed to admit how often anymore I grab a pair of navy socks out of the drawer in the early morning to accompany my black shoes and trousers. I need to lay out my clothes the night before, when my eyes are more awake.
    PS: JamesB, once again thanks to you, I scrambled to the dictionary, in search of the definition of “brickbat,” a word that I should have known, and will use it 3 times today, so it becomes a fixture in my own lexicon! I always learn something here at Royal Hats.

  7. Beatrice has had SO many brickbats chucked at her over the year, yet her style is so often SO good – she experiments, but has a strong sense of what suits her, and can get away with edgy looks. I also think (and I know we’re talking about hats but…) that her use of much stronger eye makeup in recent years is SUCH a good look on her, she looks really beautiful… and that’s before we get to her amazing head of hair!
    To the hats – yes, those early Treacy’s are dated now, and slightly overwhelmed her at the time. But if you’re young, you should try new things. She’s showing much more refinement in her choices now, #6 is a corker, and should definitely get a reboot. #9 is a classic, and whilst I didn’t think the pairing of #8 with the dress was successful, the hat is a winner; she suits wide brims so so well.
    I’m so pleased she seems to be getting reappraised in the public perception (largely because the media has decided to move it’s claws elsewhere); she seems such a lovely person, I’ve been told by a friend that she is really polite and kind, and doesn’t have any airs and graces.

  8. These are all great. The black and white looks lovely against her hair. She also does better with hat+hair down than most royal ladies IMO. Numbers 9 and 10 are my favorites, but I like all of them except #4, which just feels super super tiny and out of proportion.

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