Dutch Queens Open Tech & Care Projects

Queen Máxima opened the National Superfast computer ‘Snellius’ in Amsterdam yesterday, repeating a bandeau headpiece of overlapping pale pink silk petals.

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It’s not the most dynamic look we’ve seen on Máxima, it’s a pretty one, framing her face in the most lovely way and combining well with the rest of her pale pink ensemble.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: May 13, 2021May 14, 2014; March 10, 2011

Princess Beatrix was in Capelle aan den IJssel yesterday to open a care organization. She repeated a dark woven pillbox with large crin bow at the back.

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The standouts on this hat are it’s scale and texture, which is just so interesting.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unconfirmed. 
Previously Worn: June 9, 2018; April 19, 2012; likely others

What do you think about this repeated pair of millinery designs yesterday in the Netherlands.

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15 thoughts on “Dutch Queens Open Tech & Care Projects

  1. I struggle with Maxima’s appearance. It’s disappointing as well as frustrating. Her Mother-in-law wore the better ensemble, looked lovely and was event appropriate.

  2. I love, love love Beatrix hat. She looks great. Always well groomed.
    Yikes, Maxima looks awful. The stringy long hair is sloppy and it looks like she plopped the flowers on her head while walking to the car. She really needs a much shorter hairstyle maybe with a body perm since her hair is so fine. I like her but she needs a hair makeover!!

  3. Oh dear. I like the bandeau in the abstract, it’s very pretty as bandeaux go. But I really am not a fan of Maxima’s look a) for this engagement and b) at all. It seems an odd choice to me for, as it were, a working engagement, as the overall look seems more suitable for something social / partyish (so, garden party yes, would be the right sort of thing; talking about technology, odd). But also, more generally, I think the colour really does nothing for Maxima, and the overall look with her hair down is simply messy. I do believe it would be better if worn with her hair up, but there are so many colours that don’t make Maxmima look washed out as this one does, that I can’t feel it would be a success even then.

    • Blush pink, mustards, ochre are all colours beloved by Maxima but they’re not a good choice for her.. I think the headpiece may also have seen better days as it looks a little limp and floppy. Can these flowers have some kind of wire inserted to keep them looking perky?

      • I can’t speak to the French method of millinery flower making but I can speak to the Japanese (Sombana), where thin wires are sandwiched between layers of silk to give structure to petals and leaves. The wires are inserted during construction but not afterward.

        • Thank you – am now off to find out more about the Japanese method. The more I look at the Bandeau style of headwear, I don’t think it suits Maxima in the same way it does Kate, especially when it’s a frothy, playful design.

  4. I know I’m a broken record, but I would love to see this bandeau paired with something in another color and not another monochromatic ensemble. It’s a nice enough look (although I prefer the skirt from its outing back in May: https://royalhats.net/2021/05/13/dutch-queen-countdowns-to-birthday-with-music/), but just a LOT of this color for me. I do hope her hand heals quickly and luckily it doesn’t look to be too badly hurt despite whatever happened to it.

    Glad to see Beatrix bringing out all the textures and patterns! This definitely looks like a vintage straw (which specific one I don’t know, but I trust Wies to recognize it!) and the sheen helps make it more interesting. The other interesting thing IMO is this hat almost feels too small on Beatrix since I’m used to seeing her slightly wider hats haha.

    • Well done, Jake, for remembering this bandeau from the May appearance. That one was better overall, with tidier hair and a more flattering ensemble. I agree in principle about monochrome ensembles, but at least there’s not so much of the color with a bandeau.

      Completely agree about the Beatrix! She looks lovely.

    • Racello straw braid I think, Jake. A mixture of viscose and other fibers, like cotton, metallic fiber or crin. Can be vintage or new (is still being produced today by Tressa in Switzerland). It is a large braid with a thin drawstring at the edge and has to be sewn by hand to form a shape. Rather out of fashion a few decades ago, but making a come back.

  5. Queen Maxima looks beautiful as ever, very summery in the pale pink headpiece and ensemble. Several photos show Max holding a coat. I wonder if the overall ensemble would be better or less attractive if she was wearing it.
    Beatrix’s hat seems more autumnal to me – darker color and heavier straw weave. I like it very much with her snake skin(?) dress.

  6. I like the bandeau, but I question it with the loose hairstyle. I think with a sleeker hairstyle, it might have looked more pulled together. The monochromatic look, all the shirring and ruffles on the blouse made it a little messier than I would have liked. Love the bumper hat on Beatrix.

  7. Maxima’s headpiece is very pretty but I question the choice of headpiece and outfit as it relates to the engagement. She’s opening a superfast computer but looks as if she’s off to the wedding I attended this week, where bandeaus were the choice of headwear for so many. It just leaves me scratching my head in puzzlement.

    Princess Beatrix know what she likes and what suits her.

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