Hats From the Past

Royal Hats  to October 27, 1980  when Queen Elizabeth arrived in Casablanca for a visit to Morocco in this woven pink pillbox with back bow and dotted green veil overlay, made by Simone Mirman.

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Interestingly, a different version of this ensemble’s dress (notice the higher collar below, right) was worn a year earlier in Kuwait in 1979 with a different hat, made of the same printed silk.

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8 thoughts on “Hats From the Past

  1. Love the woven texture of this. Really, it’s a fine hat, but I agree with the consensus that these brimless hats don’t work with her hairstyle.

  2. HM wore the first hat at least 2 more times, after her trip to Kuwait. Either the jaunty scarf which was pinned to her dress was reduced, or perhaps it was tucked in behind her coat.

    May, 1979: Copenhagen
    July, 1979: Zambia
    Embed from Getty Images

  3. You have to look pretty hard to see the green in the hat! An okay look, nothing special though.

    The one the year before though, I kinda love it. HM always looks great when bending to other customs of dressing, I rather love this jaunty scarf in the hat. Odd that the dress was a different one though, I wonder if the neckline was just altered to make that little flat collar?

  4. These hats and outfits were fine, but this phase in HM’s millinery has always been my least favourite – brimless hats worn on the hairline don’t appeal to me as being very flattering.

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