Inventory: Princess Charlene’s Ecru, Ivory and White Hats

To mark Princess Charlene’s birthday today, we’re taking a look at the ecru, ivory and white hats she has worn over the years:

1.  2.  3.
Designer: unknown; Rachel Trevor Morgan; Gallia e Peter
Introduced: November 17, 2012; November 19, 2016; November 19, 2019

What a great trio, especially from someone who wears a hat just a few times each year. While the quintessentially French rose-trimmed pyramid is one of my all time favourites in Charlene’s hat closet (and was our top royal hat pick in 2016), the lovely lines of both the ecru beret and the white fedora warrant our admiration.

Images from the Royal Palace of Monaco; Thierry Oban and Pascal Le Segretain via Getty Images

8 thoughts on “Inventory: Princess Charlene’s Ecru, Ivory and White Hats

  1. I think of the RTM pyramid as absolute perfection, but JamesB has a good point about the size of the brim — it really could be larger.

    We had a lively discussion about the fedora in the original post! It’s an excellent hat, but I’ll stick with my observation that it looks like Charlene is trying to hide under it — not a good thing for a princess at a public appearance. Also, all-white ensemble is rather stark.

  2. I honestly could have sworn there was a cream floppy beret in the mix too, but as Charlene’s millinery style is very classic, it’s a matter of time!

    The RTM hat is a stunner for sure, I only wish the brim had another inch on it. But the rose trim and the red lip are just perfection. Loving the tricky too.

    Hopefully it won’t be long before we see Charlene out and about with a hat on again.

    • Well said JamesB. #2 is my favorite hat on her, but wish it had another inch to the brim. The fedora is so chic. I really miss seeing her style and am looking forward to her healthy, happy return. 😊

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