Danish Princess Marks Anniversary and Opens Exhibition

Last Sunday, Princess Benedict attended the 70th anniversary celebration of Benedictine Church’s, an ecclesiastical, cultural and social meeting place for Danes in Hamburg. For this event, she repeated her  periwinkle felt brimmed hat with pink ribbon hatband.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: Apr 23, 2021

Yesterday afternoon, Princess Benedikte opened Museum Sønderjylland’s new jewelry exhibition “Macabre Masterpieces” at Sønderborg Castle. For this event, she wore a brown felt hat with diagonally striped bumper brim, trimmed with a pink and brown wool tweed bow and fur pompoms. We’ve all seen this hat before, right? Not quite! Princess Benedikte has a black version of this very same style (diagonal crown stripes and all) but I think this brown version is new. The pink trim works well, doesn’t it?

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

Images from Getty as indicated  

7 thoughts on “Danish Princess Marks Anniversary and Opens Exhibition

  1. I agree that both of these ensembles are totally elegant and perfectly paired! I admit that I did not care that much for the brown hat when I only saw the headshot, but after seeing the full-length photos, I am sold.

  2. Two lovely looks from one of my favorite royals. While I’m not a huge fan of brown, but this pillbox is a great shape for her (so why not have two?) and the trim keeps it from being boring; I will admit though, this whole ensemble is weirdly giving me a craving for Neapolitan ice cream haha (that may just be a US thing, so apologies for any confusion to readers from other countries).

  3. The pink and blue hat is a stunner; paired with the tweed coat it’s a very chic look on the ever regal Benedikte.

  4. I love both these hats on Princess Benedikte. They both make me smile. The periwinkle blue is smart with the pink hat band adding a whimsical touch.
    The brown felt with pink in the trim is just lovely. It suits the Princess so well. I love the soft pink dress and coat. Gorgeous!

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