Danish Royals Open Kolding Exhibitions

Queen Margrethe and Princess Benedikte were in Kolding on Friday to open two exhibitions at the Royal Collection at Koldinghus. The first exhibition ‘Christian V – King, warrior and the anointed of God” is about the 17th century king but the second, “The Queen’s Embroideries” is contemporary, showcasing Queen Margrethe’s own embroidery work.

The collection includes pillows, furniture, table linen, advent calendars, clothing and accessories, including a pair of clutch bags the Danish queen made for each of her daughter-in-laws.

For this visit, Queen Margrethe repeated the aubergine and red boater hat covered in the same fabrics as her dress and jacket.

Embed from Getty Images

This is this hat’s second outing and it remains a winner, thanks to its unexpected unexpected colour scheme, excellent scale and flawless execution. And the jaunty angle the Danish queen wears it- well, that’s perfection.

Designer: Mathilde Førster
Previously Worn: Nov 27, 2020

Princess Benedikte joined her sister for this visit in a new periwinkle brimmed hat with a pink hatband. It’s a great addition to her wardrobe- Benedikte wears the classic shape well and the colour suits her well.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Queen Margrethe and Princess Benedikte were also joined by their first cousin Count Ingolf of Rosenborg and his wife Sussie, who topped her suit with a small fascinator (see gallery below).

Back on Wednesday, Queen Margrethe opened an Auguste Rodin exhibition at the Glyptoteket museum in Copenhagen. She repeated her denim blue cloche hat with upturned brim around one side trimmed with a checked tweed hatband and side bow. It’s another fine design- Mathilde Førster’s work certainly suits the Danish queen, doesn’t it? This relatively new pairing of milliner and wearer continues to excite. 

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Mathilde Førster
Previously Worn: Oct 6, 2020; Feb 8, 2020Jan 14, 2020

These days, any royal hat we see is a welcome one- what do you think about these designs?

Images from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Danish Royals Open Kolding Exhibitions

  1. Jimbo, your #3 is something I wondered about. At first, I thought this was a new coat in a very similar tweed, but I think you are right — she’s had a new trim put on. I don’t think she’d wear that gorgeous purple trilby with this coat now, which is too bad since it paired so well. But she seems to be very fond of that hat, so I bet she comes up with a another look for it.

  2. Great post today, HQ. Three things come to mind:
    1. All of the Queen’s beautiful stitch work brings back so many fond memories of my mother, (1/2 Danish) gone 7 years now. She embroidered, knit, crocheted, (funny word in the past tense!) hooked rugs, sewed, you name it – she was a whiz with her hands, and a great cook.
    2. Queen Margrethe’s relatively new ensemble delights me to no end. She looks fantastic.
    3. Princess Benedikte’s new hat goes beautifully with the added trim to her familiar tweed coat. But with the additional blue, would her purple fedora still go well with the coat, like the last outing not long ago?

  3. This is one of those bonus posts, where we get a glimpse of fascinating exhibits as well as great royal hats! Margrethe uses colors so well, and the tablecloth design is witty.

  4. Wonderful to see the sisters out in two great hats. I agree with JamesB the turquoise jewelry is the perfect addition to Margrethe’s outfit that helps give it an air of spring. We know Margrethe isn’t afraid of repeating ensembles, and she wore this outfit (sans hat) during the public appearance on her birthday the week before:
    Embed from Getty Images

    And Benedikte’s hat suits her perfectly; I love the larger brim and the simplicity makes it a great working hat, but extra trim could be added to jazz it up if wanted.

    Before this post I had seen the photo of Count Ingolf and Countess Sussie elsewhere (on Twitter?); it looks like Sussie is wearing a small floral (?) fascinator/headpiece, but I think her pantsuit would’ve benefited greatly from a jaunty fedora instead.

    Finally, it looks like Margrethe also made an appearance 2 days before this at the opening of a Rodin exhibit at the Glyptoteket Museum wearing this repeated cloche hat:
    Embed from Getty Images

  5. They both look very chic don;t they, I love how Margrethe has acccessorised this very red outfit with her turquoises, it’s a fab contrast. Her embroidery is so good, those handbags are quite something; with the right outfit they could look fantastic.

  6. Both repeats, but both worth repeating. Always good to see the ever chic Princess Benedikte.
    I love HM’s embroidery work, especially the beautiful bags. They would work perfectly when the RF wear traditional bunad dress.

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