Princess Royal Visits Australia

Princess Anne and Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence spent several days in Australia and Papua New Guinea on a short tour for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee earlier this week. On Saturday, the couple attended the Bicentennial Sydney Royal Easter Show.

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Princess Anne repeated her muted teal sinamay hat with rounded crown and high, sidesweeping brim embellished with a darker teal slim silk hatband and curling, multi-looped straw bow interspersed with trimmed feathers. The scale and shape of this design is wonderful on her and the darker teal hatband and bow piping add some welcome contrast that link’s so well with the ensemble’s teal silk dress.

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Designer: Amy Morris-Adams
Previously Worn: Jul 3, 2019; June 20, 2019

The same day, the couple officially opened the show (officially named “Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales Bicentennial Sydney Royal Easter Show”). Princess Anne wore a twin to the hat above, this one in oyster sinamay, and  trimmed with cream feathers and apricot and cream curling quills. It’s another great design with excellent proportions of  scale, shape, and such well balanced trim. I’d just have preferred a second hat on the same day to be a little more different than the first! Vice Admiral Laurence wore a pale canvas fedora.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Amy Morris-Adams
Previously Worn: Jun 19, 2018;  June 4, 2018;  June 20, 2017, May 20, 2017 

Timothy wore the same hat yesterday in Papua New Guinea. It’s clearly a comfortable and well-worn one.

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Thoughts about the hats on this Platinum Jubilee visit?

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7 thoughts on “Princess Royal Visits Australia

  1. I think these are both great hats, both in themselves and on Anne, they suit her very well. I particularly love the pale mint with the teal bidning as a combination. A bit odd to wear to such similar hats on the same day, though!

  2. When I saw the second hat on Princess Anne, I thought “How practical – her hair was already suited to that particular hat and she wouldn’t have had to rearrange it.” Both lovely on her.

    • Anne’s hair never changes! The hat does…

      Both are lovely, but yes a not so identical repeat would have been good. But she looks elegant and appropriate, so a win.

  3. The Princess Royal looks lovely in this style of hat with the sideswept brim. Both the soft shades suit her very well.

  4. These are among Anne’s best, but I agree that the same style on the same day is too much of a good thing. Jake’s observation that Sir Tim’s is cloth sounds plausible, but in any case, the wrinkles detract.

  5. Wonderful to see both of these hats and ensembles out for Anne again and IMO these might be their best appearances yet! However, like HatQueen, I do wish these twins hadn’t been worn on the same day of the same trip. And interestingly Anne appeared almost too formal when compared to all the outback fedoras (presumably many made by Akubra) and cowboy hats worn during these outings (although it was nice to see so many other people in hats).

    While it’s nice to see Tim wear a different style of hat from what he usually wears (military or top hat when we often see him), this fedora has certainly seen better days. I also believe this hat is actually made from a cotton cloth as in the photo below you can see wrinkles which wouldn’t appear the same way on a panama straw hat, the brim looks to be quite thick for toquilla palm, and panama straws don’t usually feature eyelet holes on the side for breathability purposes since they’re more breathable by their natural design (see the eyelets in the carriage ride photo):
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