Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 1


Today, on the eve of Trooping the Colour tomorrow, we return back one year to this event in 2021, in the Quadrangle of Windsor Castle. Queen Elizabeth wore a grey hat with flared crown covered in the same silk cloque fabric as her coat. The design’s mushroom shaped straw brim is overlaid in pleated crin and the hat is finished with a grey goose feather mount and vine of gold silk flowers that wrap around the front that echo the floral applique around the neckline of her coat. Worn to Ascot, the opening of Parliament and Trooping the Colour, it felt like a fitting hat to end bridge our 70 day journey through Her Majesty’s history of hats to what she will wear for this celebration. Any predictions?!

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19 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 1

  1. I want to add my thanks and appreciation to our own Hat Queen for this marvelous countdown series, it was truly a joy to read it every day, and to travel down memory lane in terms of both historic events and fashion.

  2. Thank you, HatQueen, for a truly wonderful retrospective. Favourites, hidden gems, forgotten wonders, ponderable choices. You have included them all and spanned the years of HM’s life and reign. A remarkable piece of work.

    I hope you get the chance to enjoy as much of the Jubilee as possible. Maybe in a celebration hat of your own! Many thanks again for such an enjoyable time.

  3. The fourth picture in the first grouping really shows why the coat thereafter was remade and the buttons, although subsequently visible, were switched to what turned out to be a less obtrusive design.
    I predict lavender for Trooping.

  4. A beautiful hat and original in its colours and use of pleated crin.

    Thank you very much for this totally enjoyable marathon series HatQueen.
    Wishing you and all of Queen Elisabeth’s subjects among your readers a wonderful Jubilee celebration!

  5. HQ, thanks for such a wonderful 70 days in the row! A lot of work and thought went into this huge series, and we all appreciate it. I wonder if HM, or AK, or RTM follow Royal Hats.
    Today’s hat is not my favorite, primarily because of the pale grey color. The forsythia blooms do jump out, though. Here is the dress in all its glory, one that we have admired in the past.

    June 1, 2020: Windsor Castle

  6. Just to say many thanks for your fabulous series, HatQueen, it must have been a lot of work, but it’s very much appreciated!

  7. Yes, definitely a good choice for our final Countdown hat. It’s been such a fun series. And very poignant at times too. Thank you so much Hat Queen.

    This is a really lovely hat. So individual and unusual and a rare colour combination which has grown on me.

    I’m hoping for pink or blue tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

  8. A lovely hat, and I totally see why you’ve ended on it.
    I thought it was a shame it was worn for high profile events so close together though, there are so many beauties it would have been great to see.
    I would imagine Angela Kelly has designed a fabulous wardrobe for the weekend – there’ll be new outfits for all appearances I’d wager, and if the Diamond Jubilee is a guide, they’ll be stunning (as long as she eases off on the glue gun!)

    Thank you for this wonderful retrospective. You may be able to tell, but I’ve rather enjoyed it…!

  9. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict a new hat for Trooping the Colour tomorrow. As for colour… her last outing, she wore yellow so cross that off the list! The only other hat we’ve seen her in this year was green so I’m going to guess blue. Or pink!

  10. I am so glad this came in at No 1. It’s one of my favourites. The colour of the hat and coat is delicate but stands out and the trim is such a beautiful match. i love these mushroom bris with a passion. I don’t think the coat needs the extra trim but it’s very attractive.

    • It always felt to me like the ‘right’ final hat for this series. And, I’ve just realized it’s as close to platinum, in terms of colour, perhaps more so than any other of Her Majesty’s hats!

      • It was an inspired choice. People can see her face but she still has some shade – I just love it. silly question is this your favourite of all those worn by QEII not just for this wonderful series or is there another? I’ve been dipping in and out all day to see if the post had come through.

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