British Royals Attend Easter Sunday Service

Members of the British royal family gathered at Windsor Castle yesterday to attend Easter Sunday service at St. George’s Chapel.

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The Duchess of Cambridge repeated a denim blue crepe pleated bandeau circle headpiece. The design is ruched around the back with waved bow tails. The pleated texture of the bandeau works so well in contrast with the smooth lines of the coat dress, as do the different shades of blue paired in the same ensemble.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: “Diamond Pleated Headband” by Jane Taylor. Coat dress by Emilia Wickstead. 
Previously Worn: Jan 6, 2019

Princess Eugenie repeated a blush veiled bandeau headpiece. The design is wrapped in stitched strips that lend subtle textural contrast and made a lovely counterpoint to her floral dress.

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Designer: “Galilea” headpiece by Emily London. Dress by Peter Pilotto
Previously Worn: Nov 21, 2021 

The Countess of Wessex repeated an electric blue straw ringed saucer percher trimmed with stiffened lace and curled quills. In the past, Sophie has paired this hat with a sold blue dress I think this vibrant patterned frock made a far more striking combination.

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Designer: Jane Taylor. Soler London dress.
Previously Worn: July 1, 2016; July 2, 2013; June 18, 2013

Lady Louise Windsor repeated a stemmed ivory felt beret.

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Designer: “Ivory Felt Beret” by Jane Taylor. Hush dress. 
Previously Worn: Dec 25, 2021

Savannah Phillips repeated a navy ruched headband while her younger sister, Isla, repeated a navy floral knotted Joules headband.

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Previously Worn: Mar 29, 2022

Zara Tindall topped her dotted navy dress with a navy and white leather ringed pillbox percher hat. The design is trimmed with navy and white layered veil and a spray of white leather flowers. Her eldest daughter, Mia, wore a ruched navy headband.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: “Mrs. Misselthwaite Two Tone Button” from JBH Millinery. LK Bennett London dress. Styled by Annie Miall. 
Previously Worn: This design is new. 

Margarita Armstrong-Jones repeated the dress and gold feather bandeau headpiece her mother wore to Princess Eugenie’s wedding five years ago. I love to see royal wardrobe shares and this is a great look for her.

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan AW 2018
Previously Worn: by her mother on Oct 12, 2018

Lady Sarah Chatto repeated an ecru textured straw cloche with extended brim. Sarah alternates wearing this hat with the brim entirely facing downward or folding it up around the front, as she did yesterday.

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Designer: likely Stephen Jones
Previously Worn: May 18, 2019 ;  June 18, 2012June 15, 2006June 4, 2002June 10, 2001July 11, 2000

While the Queen’s presence was missed, it was lovely to see another group of hats for Easter this year. Which designs stood out most to you?

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11 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Easter Sunday Service

  1. Great to see them all looking happy and relaxed. Although clearly missed HM.
    Love Kate’s look but the bandeau is a little underwhelming.
    Thought Eugenie looked young and fresh in the pretty bandeau and dress.
    For me Sophie looked great – I really don’t see the ‘unflattering’ comments, but feel the bright blue repeated hat was best paired with both of the previous plain more formal dresses.
    Lady Louise – nice but the overall look is a little old for her.
    Thought Zara looked great. Wouldn’t have chosen the hat myself but it looks good on with the spotty dress.
    Sarah Chatto looks nice (very predictable) but wouldn’t say its the winner – the hat appears too casual for me (agree ‘sun hat’), and the heavy chocolate suede heels are more for autumn.
    Think Margarita looks amazing in her mothers outfit, and hope we see her more regularly at these family events.

  2. Nice to see so many repeats mixed and matched (Zara outside, but I always assume from a sustainability POV that they all go back to the stylist/maker).
    I might dissent a bit on Kate’s bandeau. I don’t mind the shape and the pleating ag the front is lovely. But at the back it just looks like a blue bandage crumpled up, it looks weirdly disconnected to the very structured front of the piece.
    I also love Sophie’s combo. It’s a great use of the hat with a totally different dress. I also wonder if those types of busy florals just don’t photograph all that well, but look fab in person.
    Louise looks fab – she’s really blossomed recently.

  3. Certainly a low key Easter with HM and other senior royals missing, but still grateful we got more hats than I was expecting.

    Kate looked quite lovely in this ensemble, but it felt quite subdued and a bit casual for Easter, at least if one does think of it as a day to dress up even more than usual. Eugenie also looked nice, but again, this bandeau felt too ordinary for the occasion.

    Glad to see this cocktail hat reemerge on Sophie after so many years of hiding; I like it’s pairing with the pattern of this dress, but I didn’t think the dress itself was the most flattering on her. Nice to have a better look at this beret on Louise and it pairs perfectly with her violet and fuchsia-hued dress; Louise was the best dressed overall IMO, but it is interesting how she wore this hat to both Christmas and Easter.

    Zara’s hat was my favorite of the day (sadly it looks to be another borrowed piece), although I find the polka dots a bit overwhelming here.

    Margarita looks great in this patterned dress; I agree with others she wears it better than Serena, although her headpiece here looks more sparse than the one Serena wore, but maybe it’s just the angle and hair playing havoc with the view of it.

    Finally, while this isn’t the repeat I would’ve chosen for Sarah, it is a simple, classic, and refined look, and I much prefer this skirt over the pale taupe one she wore the last time. P.S. shoutout to Arthur Chatto for going with a double breasted grey suit instead of the single breasted navy or black like all the other men.

  4. Lovely to see so many Royals attending Easter Service though we all miss the Queen.

    I too like Lady Sarah’s hat and look. I always love what she wears.
    Lady Margarita looks wonderful.
    I like the Countess of Wessex’s hat very much but not with this dress.

    For Easter I would have preferred fewer bandeaux and more hats!

  5. Sarah Chatto wins it for me. She has a wonderful consistent style that is very refreshing. I’ve just clicked on the link to look at the piece worn by Margarita’s mother at Eugenie’s wedding and again there’s a stunning hat and outfit worn by Sarah Chatto. . I like Kate’s bandeau much more this time around than previously.

    I’m sorry but I don’t care for any of the other pieces, particularly Zara’s hat and Louise’s looks far too large for her head. I really want Sophie to go back to tailored outfits these floral choices seem to swamp her.

    • Wow, it’s always fascinating how differently we all see these hats and how, when presented the same group of hats, we’ll all choose very different favourites! Maybe that’s what makes following fashion so interesting! Lady Sarah’s look was too bland for me and I really don’t like the skirt. My favourite look here was the Countess of Wessex. I love the dress and hat combination! That hat is such a beautiful design.

      • Sarah’s hat looks like a beach hat. It’s way too big for her. I love Zara’s hat. And the collar on her dress is almost as big as on the green one the Queen was wearing in the Jubilee countdown post today!

      • It is interesting how people see things differently. I’ve looked at Sophie’s outfit from every angle available and it makes her look thick-waisted. There’s too much dress and not enough Sophie or hat to make it work.

        Seeing the pictures of Margarita and her mother wearing the same outfit – it looks so much better on Margarita. Headpiece and dress look to have been made for her.

        Sarah Chatto – she could wear a binbag and look elegant. Her wedding dress is probably in my top 5 royal wedding dresses. I’m going to toddle off and look to see if you’ve ever covered the hat and outfit she wore to her brother’s wedding – beautiful, even though it was white.

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