British Royals Attend Epsom Derby and Palace Party

Several Members of the British royal family attended the Epsom Races today. Princess Anne represented her mother at this event in a pale blue sinamay saucer hat. The hat is trimmed with a sinamay bow and feathers on the top and  pair of blue applique leaves placed around the back of the raised rim.

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We’ve not seen this hat since its debut six years ago and while it’s not her most vibrant, it’s lovely to see again. I just wish we had a closeup view of the back!

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Designer: unknown. Coat and dress by Stewart Parvin. 
Previously Worn: Jul 1, 2016

Zara Tindall wore a periwinkle blue waved sinamay disc trimmed with silk flowers and leaves and a brighter blue silk abaca looped bow. Her husband Mike wore his black antique silk top hat.

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It’s another stellar hat for Zara this weekend, the slightly larger scale than her usual beret perchers suiting her well. The colour is magnificent a

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Designer: bespoke version of the Floral Sculpted Sidesweep by Juliette Botterill. Dress by Diane von Furstenberg.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Scroll through the gallery posted by Mike Tindall for the most wonderful hat swap!

Accompanied by girlfriend Lindsay Wallace, Peter Philips repeated his black top hat.

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Princess Alexandra repeated her felt boater hat with tan crown and black brim, trimmed with a stacked slim black hatband and gold chain studded with black ribbon.

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Designer: unknown. Likely Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: Apr 29, 2022

The Platinum Party at the palace began with another fantastic surprise from Her Majesty. Now we all know what she keeps in her handbag!

The only headwear sported by royal family members at the concert are a pair of sweet headbands on Savannah and Isla Phillips.

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10 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Epsom Derby and Palace Party

  1. I think these disc headpieces are quite flattering on Anne and suit her hairstyle well. Nice to see it again with what I think is a better outfit this time.

    Zara looked stunning in this cornflower blue hat and dress! While she always rocks the standard size cocktail perchers well, this slightly larger piece is a fantastic change. Mike ranks up there with Edward as one of the best wearers of top hats in the British Royal Family, and I like this black one being paired with the all-grey morning suit. Also, the photo where they switch hats? Absolutely love it! It’s the perfect swap and honestly you can’t tell me this can’t become a regular thing in the future.

    Alexandra looked elegant enough, but her ensemble did feel a bit drab and heavy for early June, especially when seen with the other more summery looks sported by the rest of the royal contingent there.

  2. That’s the Earl of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville)and Mr Carson (Jim Carter) from Downton Abbey next to Dame Berry! I was too engrossed in her hat to notice! 🤣

  3. So happy to see the Paddington video! Brilliant move by the producers of this event to be sure HM has a starring role even though she couldn’t attend in person.

    It’s been quite an array of hats this weekend, and we still have Ascot to look forward to.

  4. Just want to say how splendid to see Zara in this hat! It confirms how much depends on the choice of hat with a particular outfit, as well as the hat itself. I often admire the small percher hats Zara favours so much as pieces of millinery (and in close up shots of just her head), but don’t feel they really suit her in terms of the whole outfit, since there’s so often a lack of balance. This one, while not enormous, is a much better scale for her, and not only does the hat shine in its own right, but the whole ensemble is really excellent as a result. (And that’s apart from being a gorgeous colour!)

  5. An extra treat of Royal hats from The Epsom Derby.

    This new appearance of the pale blue saucer hat for The Princess Royal is lovely. It’s a nice change of style and colour for her. It teamed very well with this pretty coat and dress.

    Zara Tindall looked fabulous. This periwinkle blue hat is a real stunner. My favourite of her weekend hats. The dress is very pretty but it allows the hat to shine and stand out. It’s gorgeous. Zara also looks good in the black top hat!
    Queen Elizabeth and Paddington Bear seemed to have an immediate rapport. Lovely!

  6. HQ, you’ve outdone yourself with today’s post!
    ANNE: Wonderful pale blue hat, and the rear of it is shone in your original post from 2016.
    ZARA: Hat-wise, this is my favorite today. The color, size, and shape is unbelievable! The hat swapping photos are really great! Who is the well hatted lady next to Zara in the last group of photos? Really nice.
    PETER: Very dapper and handsome.
    ALEXANDRA: I love the hat, but with the brown dress/shoes? The jury is out on this one.
    ELIZABETH: SHE STOLE THE SHOW! Yes, this is better than the Bond video 10 years ago. I had to watch the Paddington video three times!

    • Do you mean the lady next to Zara in the orange coat with pink touches, under the beige hat with bright flowers? I think she may be Clare Balding (very popular TV presenter, mainly about sports, used to be a jockey).

  7. Dame Mary Berry attended the races today in a gorgeous ecru and black Rachel Trevor Morgan hat
    Embed from Getty Images

    • LOVE Dame Mary Berry’s hat!
      Anne looked fabulous, Alexandra’s hat was lovely, but Mike Tindall in the blue hat is my fave. It’s certainly his color! Zara looks great in the top hat. They need to switch up more often!
      And the skit with The Queen and Paddington was really, really lovely.
      God save The Queen!!

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