Last Week’s Extras

Last Monday, Princess Beatrice was photographed in an embellished black headband from Modo Band Collective
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week (see the comments for more):

Fantastic photos from the 18th birthday celebration of Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway
Great interview with the Duchess of Cornwall in Vogue UK for her 75th birthday

Wonderful photo of the Duke of Cambridge and his children released for Father’s Day.

Images from social media as indicated 


23 thoughts on “Last Week’s Extras

  1. Stunning yin yang koi design! And the Filipa Cardoso is gorgeous. This would be a good one for Camilla.

    Very fun photo of the Cambridges. And the party in Norway was spectacular!

  2. That cream hat by millineryjill is fantastic! Thank you HatQueen for all your work last week plus today’s post. It must be quite the busy week for you and I appreciate it so much! It was sooooo nice to celebrate “Hat Christmas” again! Are we going to vote on the best Ascot hat?

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