Ascot 2022 Overview

Here is an index of the royal women’s hats we admired at the races this year (men’s hats are included at posts with their spouses ). Click on the photos below to link back to feature posts – the final hat in each group links to that day’s wrap-up post.

Tuesday, June 14
Wednesday, June 15
Thursday, June 16
Friday, June 17

Saturday, June 18

4 thoughts on “Ascot 2022 Overview

  1. It seems that Sophie and Zara are the only royals who went for colour in a big way this year. Some lovely hats here, but so many in muted tones!

  2. I guess I shouldn’t pick favorites until we see what today brings, but here goes:

    It’s been a boater year, and Zara’s was especially good. The folded detail on the hatband and that spectacular rose really make it a standout. Kate’s was also stunning. She looked so much more sophisticated than in her early Ascot appearances.

    Sophie wins it for the best week overall. The re-trimmed pink was a lovely repeat, and the blue saucer and ombré percher were both lovely. The ombré was especially in the spirit of Ladies’ Day.

    Camilla’s aqua is one of her best hats ever!

    It’s not quite the same without HM, is it? I also miss Haya. While Autumn and Serena did not appear as often, they also gave us some memorable hats.

    Thanks, HQ, for your well-written and comprehensive posts! I always enjoy seeing the fabulous non-royal hats.

  3. Great turnout, what I like about Ascot is the fact that the men join in, it’s a hat palooza
    if I could i would photoshop my face in all these photos
    first day: Sophie for the win
    second day: Camilla
    enjoying it very much thanks HQ

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