Holyrood Palace Garden Party and Parade

On Wednesday, members of the British royal family attended a garden party in the grounds of the Palace of Holyrood House.

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The Duke of Rothesay, as the Prince of Wales is known when in Scotland, carried his black silk top hat.

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The Countess of Wessex surprised in a hat she wore to Ascot back in 2004 (see below left). The shape is very much of that time with a tall, sloped crown in biscuit straw and a wide, sidesweeping brim in windowpane sinamay. The hat is trimmed with pink cut feathers, feather flowers and a pink silk slim hatband and signature Treacy looped bow.

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The pink feather trim has faded over the past almost two decades and I can’t argue that the shape has aged well- that crown shape firmly places it “in the naughts.”  That all being said, I’m so enjoying Sophie bringing out statement hats from the past that so deserve more than the single or few outings they’ve had.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: Jun 16, 2004

The Earl of Wessex wore his very dapper black silk top hat.

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Princess Anne repeated a pale blue sinamay hat with split crown and short sidesweeping brim trimmed in beige sinamay brim binding, a ruched hatband, and several flat rosettes centered with pale blue faux pearls. It looks like a mass produced piece that doesn’t measure up to many of the lovely other hats Anne has in her wardrobe.

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Designer: unknown. Dress and coat by Shibumi. 
Previously Worn: Apr 5, 2015; June 20, 2013June 19, 2007

On Thursday, Queen Elizabeth attended the Queen’s Body Guard for Scotland (also known as the Royal Company of Archers) Reddendo Parade, also held in the gardens of the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

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She wore another new ensemble and hat in periwinkle wool blend bouclé fabric. The hat’s slightly flared crown with flat top is softened by an upturned Bretton style brim that frames Her Majesty’s face. The hat is trimmed in the same periwinkle silk interlocking trim as wraps around the neckline, cuffs and pockets of the matching coat.

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The textured lines of the fabric on this ensemble are highlighted by its bias placement on the hat brim, which beautifully fans out around her face. The colour is just wonderful on Her Majesty and while I’m not always a fan of her collarless coats, this one works thanks to its trim and that fantastic hat brim.

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Designer: Angela Kelly. Made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: This hat is new

It’s been so wonderful to see the Queen participate at several events this week. What do you think of this group of British royal hats in Scotland?

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6 thoughts on “Holyrood Palace Garden Party and Parade

  1. I loved seeing Sophie bring back out this hat after so many years! I agree the details certainly define the hat’s age, but the overall look of this one is pretty classic compared to some designs of the 2000s. As JamesB noted, Sophie’s switch to Jane Taylor led to a very different look for her, so seeing her back in a Treacy hat would accentuate our feeling of it seeming out of place on her; but again, I welcome this move and wouldn’t mind seeing it happen a bit more (which could also mean more opportunities for hats in general).

    This hat just doesn’t go with the rest of Anne’s ensemble. It’s unfortunate because I’ve really liked this hat in the past, even if I do think some of the details are off.

    This type of brim, while still very much upturned off of HM’s face, is softer and a shape I would’ve preferred with the lilac and burgundy button ensemble. Like JamesB, I’m confused as to why there are two new periwinkle ensembles debuted so close together. I wish the brim had been some sort of straw with a fabric bound edge instead of being completely covered in the bouclé fabric, which feels a bit too much for me (and also hides the knot trim more).

    A bonus shoutout to the Duke of Buccleuch wearing his traditional Scottish tam with the massive feather (seen in the second photo of first slideshow of HM’s hat)!

  2. I like the trim on the Queen’s coat and hat. It’s really different and interesting, tho it almost looks like there was not quite enough room left for the top button on the coat, which looks a little squished. I like the hat a lot; I think it’s a flattering shape and a very pretty colour.

    P. Anne’s Shibumi coat is very nice, but I wish she had a little help with her accessories, which seem to drag the outfit down. Sophie’s hat works with that pretty dress.

  3. I have a theory that we are regularly seeing the Queen in new ensembles as prior to lockdown and recent health issues she was still regularly making public appearances – probably weekly and had a build up of new outfits which then weren’t worn for 2 years and now she’s making use of them. Obviously the jubilee would have had new things made especially.
    Btw we no longer get her Sunday Church hats. Has she stopped attending?

    • I think these purple hued ensembles were all made for this year and specifically, for the events she was expected to attend (Epsom Derby and the Service of Thanksgiving) for the Platinum Jubilee.

  4. Im with JamesB here…
    I rather liked the rewear of Sophie’s hat too.
    Annes hat looked so much better before with the previous outfits, and why oh why the navy accessories??? The 2013 Ascot outfit looked fabulous, especially with the nude shoes and handbag.
    Agreed, HM’s hat is v similar to Trooping the Colour. The colour is nice enough, but again the style falls foul of being able to see the interior under the brim. But hey – always up for an appearance of HM, and a new hat to boot!

  5. I ws so surprised to see Sophie bring this 18 year old hat back. I agree it’s not aged brilliantly but I rather like it. The thing is that she had such a shift in her hats when she moved from Treacy to Jane Taylor and others and so it looks really retro on her. It’s a good match for the dress though.
    Anne’s hat however is not a great match for her outfit, the colours are close but not close enough.
    I’m not a huge fan of HM’s new outfit either, I think it’s the trim that pushes it into overdone for me. And it’s so similar to the outfit worn for the Trooping, I don’t really get why two so similar new outfits were made.

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