Cheltenham Festival 2023 Day 2 & 3

The second day of racing at the Cheltenham Festival yesterday was attended by Queen Camilla and Mike and Zara Tindall. Queen Camilla repeated repeated a tan wool hat with ruched crown and faux fur brim.

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Designer: Lock & Co. Coat by Anna Valentine.
Previously Worn: Mar 8, 2023; Jan 22, 2023Jan 15, 2023Dec 9, 2022May 17, 2022Apr 9, 2022Nov 20, 2021Oct 2, 2019Mar 13, 2019Nov 23, 2018;  Mar 14, 2018;  Nov 24, 2017;  Nov 26, 2016Mar 29, 2015Feb 13, 2015Dec 3, 2014Nov 30, 2014Mar 12, 2014

Zara wore a deep blue peachbloom felt percher hat trimmed with a knotted flying bow and large curled black quill.

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The colour is fantastic, as is the styling of her ensemble. I adore the saturated teal and royal blue paired together- it’s so striking on her.

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Designer: Juliette Botterill. Coat by Rebecca Vallance. Styled by Annie Miall.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The third day of racing today was attended by Princess Anne and Mike and Zara Tindall. Princess Anne repeated a black faux fur hat with rolled brim.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Yvette Jelfs 
Previously Worn: Dec 28, 2014; March 15, 2013; January 18, 2010

Mike Tindall wore a natty mushroom grey tweed cap while Zara wore a deep plum felt beret percher trimmed with another single curled quill.

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Both looks are so great! Zara’s sleek hat is again so chic with her trouser suit, the deep plum colour giving just the right amount of pop. The lack of pattern on Mike’s streamlined cap pairs well with his jacket and matching his tie to his wife’s hat? Adorable.

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Designer: by Somerset Millinery. Suit by Veronica Beard. Styled by Annie Miall.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

I’m loving Zara’s hats so far this week. What do you think of these hats?

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7 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival 2023 Day 2 & 3

  1. Since we just saw this hat, it would’ve been nice if Camilla had chosen one of the other colors she has of this hat, or at least added the feather trim she sneakily wore back in January.

    Too bad Anne didn’t bring back that fabulous green outfit she wore with this hat the last time we saw it; it would’ve been perfect for St. Patrick’s Thursday at Cheltenham.

    Turning to Zara, this petrol blue is great on her and I’m always a sucker for a fun big bow. Moving to Day 3, I was underwhelmed by this look as she has worn shades of burgundy so much at Cheltenham (not to mention recently at Christmas too), so I would’ve liked a different color; I also think a wide brimmed hat (fedora?) would’ve better balanced the pantsuit IMO. Mike looked fantastic and I was glad he finally brought out a hat!

    A few other looks I enjoyed from Day 2:
    Embed from Getty Images

    There was also this beautiful lemon yellow hat that deserves its own look:
    Embed from Getty Images

    And one of the most unique hats I’ve ever seen – the Pizza Hatt! (yes, I know she got Domino’s, but I couldn’t resist the play on words):
    Embed from Getty Images

    And here are some more from Day 3:
    Embed from Getty Images

  2. I really love the hat that Queen Camilla is wearing. It is also very sensible because it is still very cold in England and it is very warm looking. I’ve seen her wear it many times and I suspect it is a favourite hat.

    • While I’m always going to welcome a new hat (!!), wearing a handmade hat three or four times just isn’t sustainable. It’s nice to see a royal wear a hat as many times as the rest of us.

  3. Zara looked spectacular all three days:
    Win: Wednesday’s blue. Place: Tuesday’s ruby. Show: Thursday’s plum.

    On each day, the senior Royals dressed more for warmth/comfort than for fashion/elegance. I would do likewise, especially now that I am follicly challenged.

    PS Cheltenham Day 4: Jake and I are hoping for green.

    PSS Today I am dressed in green literally from head to toe (kelly green cap down to deep green leather shoes) with shirt, tie, socks, and beads left over from Mardi Gras. My students (all male Catholic HS) called me sick, fab, rad, a leprechaun, dripping, Kermit – all complimentary by today’s vernacular. One lad asked me if I will be enjoying green beer later today! I can’t imagine being that forward with my teachers back in the 70s!

    • Jimbo, I usually hope for green any time of the year haha!

      Also, sounds like you had a lot of fun dressing for St. Patrick’s Day, and I’m glad your students seemed to appreciate it. I didn’t wear as much green as you, but I still had fun wearing Irish colors for the day!

  4. Zara always looks great at Cheltenham, this year ni exception.
    This is also the perfect event for Camilla’s showerproofs, if she could keep them just for Cheltenham, that would be lovely!

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