Buckingham Palace Garden Party

The first garden party of the season (and the first during King Charles III’s reign!) was held yesterday at Buckingham Palace.

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The king wore his black antique silk covered top hat.

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Queen Camilla repeated a navy sinamay hat with angular crown trimmed with navy lace, sidesweep brim and double white silk covered hatband knotted into a wired flying bow on the side.

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The hat, on it’s own, is great. The lace applique on the crown is unique and therefore notable. However, the combination of hat with high-contrast striped coat somehow doesn’t work for me.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Dress and coat by Bruce Oldfield.
Previously Worn: Apr 14, 2022

The Duke of Edinburgh repeated his gleaming black antique silk top hat while the duchess repeated her hat from Trooping the Colour last year, a pink and ivory design described by the designer as “a bespoke hand dyed, two tone style disc, trimmed with bows.”

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I really like the saucer shape on Sophie well and the the brim extension, in  transparent pink windowpane sinamay, gives the loveliest lightness and lift to the design. On its first outing, I didn’t like the bows but even they are growing on me here. The contrast of free, whimsical bows with her structured coat dress works is charming for this kind of event.

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Designer: Jane Taylor. Coat dress by Suzannah London.
Previously Worn: June 2, 2022

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester made up the royal group, the duke in his antique silk covered top hat and the duchess repeating her sky blue sinamay hat with wide pleated brim upfolded to a wide cuff around the edge.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 13, 2022;  Jun 3, 2022 March 29, 2022

The first garden party always kicks off the summer season and this one was no exception (also kicking off coronation week!) What do you think about the hats at this event?

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6 thoughts on “Buckingham Palace Garden Party

  1. I appreciated Sophie’s when it debuted, but the lighting in these photos really enhance the look of the bows through the brim. It’s such a lighthearted look for a garden party.

  2. I like Camilla’s ensemble, and I think it serves the purpose really well for this event, as it’s very noticeable and good for people in a crowd to spot. The hat isn’t my favourite, but I think it goes well (and to me, it does seem rather simple and graphic – good that we don’t always see things the same way!) I like Sophie’s hat too, and I think although the curlicues bring a whimsical touch, the cut of the coatdress is such (wide collar etc) that it doesn’t seem too “business-like” for want of a better phrase, so the hat doesn’t contrast unsympathetically with it. Birgitte’s hat is such a lovely colour, and I’m always grateful when she wears something that isn’t a little beret.

  3. I think both Camilla and Sophie have graphic, simple outfits that don’t match the fussy hats they have on. Each of them just needs a detail or two removing.

  4. I still love this outfit for Camilla, but I would like to see a different hat paired with it; she has some nice white ones that could be fun to pair with it for something different. As for this hat, I’m still not a huge fan.

    I still can’t get over how random those twisted bows feel on Sophie’s hat. I also wish her dress was a little shorter or this was a two piece skirt suit. Overall the idea is great, but the details bring this one down for me.

    I shouldn’t be surprised by Birgitte’s repeat, but there are other hats and outfits she hasn’t repeated that look stunning on her. Please bring those back ASAP, please and thank you!

    Charles, Edward, and Richard all look splendid in their morning suits and gleaming top hats. The Duke of Kent was also in attendance, although his grey fur felt top hat could use a bit of care, primarily with the hatband (photo 7 in the slideshow):

  5. I like the idea of lace on a hat but this lace makes the hat look dark and dreary. I think a lighter hat with blue decoration would work better with this coat.

  6. Prince Edward wins the day, closely followed by his lovely wife, Sophie. Camilla’s hat is business as usual, which is certainly OK, and the combination with the striped coat is fine. BTW, I LOVE those antique silk toppers!

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