Funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh

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Members of the British royal family gathered today at St. George’s chapel to celebrate the life of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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I’m sure you all join me extending our deepest sympathy to Queen Elizabeth and her family as they grieve his loss.

Commentary and discussion about hats feels unnecessary today. Comments are left open for messages of condolence.

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Hats From the Past

Royal Hats 72 years today to the christening of a future king, held at Buckingham Palace.

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Royal Ascot Day 2: Wrap Up

Today at Royal Ascot was light on royal attendance, with just the Aga Khan (photographed below with racing journalist Liz Price in a navy feather covered hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan) and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (and his entourage) in addition to the royals we’ve already covered today. I’ve missed seeing Princess Haya this year- hopefully she’ll make an appearance tomorrow. And- jump over to last night’s wrap up to see a photo of Princess Alexandra, who attended yesterday but eluded most photographers.

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The day of the races also saw a few hats atop noble and notable heads in today’s carriage procession:

Countess Mountbatten of Burma repeated the stunning silver sidesweep picture hat by Dillon Wallwork that she first wore to her daughter’s wedding in 2016

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Viscount Brookeborough, the Queen’s Lord in Waiting in the first photo; Lord de Mauley, Master of the Horse and Lieutenant Colonel Charles Richards, Deputy Master of the Royal Household in the second

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Viscountess Brookeborough in a  white straw brimmed hat with bright blue piping and Lady deMauley in a beautiful grey straw percher pillbox by Dillon Wallwork

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And finally, here are all the non-royal hats that caught the attention of our guest milliner, Wies Mauduit, and myself:

Glasgow milliner William Chambers and his partner Niall Walker in traditional Scottish attire (this made us both smile!)
Hat shop owner Elizabeth Hughes in a peacock teal blue Juliette Botterill flower trimmed saucer. LOVE the colour!
Milliner Rachel Ellis Oates (Hatonista) vibrant blue and yellow butterfly headpiece of her own design (closeup here)
Charlotte Hawkins in a pale pink saucer with soaring pink and grey feathers from Vivien Sheriff
Milliner Lisa Tan’s straw boater with layered rainbow brim
Unnamed racegoer in this oversize pink waved disc with twist and floral trim from Guibert millinery
Chi Ling Lin in a mushroom brimmed hat in classic black and white
Alexandra Dudley in a wonderful red hugger percher with oversize poppy by retired milliner Gina Foster
Francesca Cumani in a pale pink button percher with cherry blossom trim from Fi Graham Millinery
Milliner Louise Walton in a wide brimmed navy straw hat with turquoise binding and feathers
Chez Liebenberg in a bright pink elevated saucer with flowers from Lizzie’s Hats
Striking burnt feather and sinamay bow headpiece on equine photographer Mathea Kelley
Author and instagram influencer Alicia Healey in William Chambers’ exquisite black veiled percher with roses
Isabelle Kristensen’s soaring headpiece by Ana Bella Millinery
Valerie Stark’s equally futuristic hat by Awon Golding. The colour and movement of the brim is rather captivating.
Editor Emily Nash’s charming cream teardrop percher with blue butterflies, also by Ana Bella Millinery
Tess Ward’s classic, wide brimmed, natural straw picture hat from Lock & Co.
Natalia Kapchuk in a cheekily political and patriotic Union Jack hat 

Ah Wies, it has been such a gift to have you join me today. You are truly a millinery master. Thank you for taking time from a very busy week to generously share your vast millinery expertise and experience with us!

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This Week’s Extras

Back on January 12, Princess Nobuko of Mikasa wore a black hat with velvet crown and fur trimmed kettle brim to the 55th All Japan University Rugby Championship
Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad was crowned king of Malaysia on Thursday. His ‘crown’ might seem a little unusual to western fashion eyes (at the risk of sounding disrespectful, it seems more like a folded napkin fronted with a tiara) and was not what you might expect for a coronation.
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The funeral of Prince Henri of Orleans, Count of Paris, was held at the Chapelle Royale yesterday in Paris. Guests included:
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The Duchess of Vendôme (the late Count’s daughter-in-law) in a black felt hat with tightly upfolded brim;
Farah Pahlavi, Empress of Iran in a black lace veil
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Duchess of Montpensier (first wife of the late count) in a beautiful black lace veil
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Prince Moulay El Hassan of Morocco in a ceremonial red Fez;
Princess Helene of France and Princess Chantal of France in black brimless fur hats
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Princess Lea of Belgium in a wide brimmed fedora;
Princess Isabelle of Liechtenstein in a black mushroom brimmed hat with shallow crown and bow
Crown Princess Mary wore a black bandeau headpiece today to the funeral of Count Frederik Moltke.
Queen Elizabeth attended Sunday Service this morning at St. Peter and St. Paul Church in West Newton in her repeated peach straw hat with bouclé fabric covered crown and brim binding, trimmed with feathers. She was joined by Countess Mountbatten who wore a refined striped tan and chocolate pillbox with bow at the back.
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The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Leaf green felt trilby with blue hatband & feather trim from Belgian milliner Amélie D’Hooghvorst
Two neutral brimmed straw beauties in blush and dove grey from British milliner Dillon Wallwork
For those of you in the throngs of winter, this blue mink hat from Danish milliner Susanne Juul
Red straw textured saucer with crin edge that extends to a neck wrap from Aussie brand Jill & Jack Millinery
Winter white square cloche with exuberant feather trim from British brand Annabel Allen Millinery
Textured statement percher with swirled base and ombre feathers by Aussie Milliner Sandy Aslett
Purple straw percher with crin, net veil and silk flowers from British milliner Edwina Ibbotson
Mustard yellow felt saucer with flower from Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Red felt percher with wonderfully curled gold sprayed quills by British milliner Bundle MacLaren
Wide-brimmed, flower trimmed picture hat in the prettiest spring green from Irish milliner Carol Kennelly

And to usher in the Year of the Pig this week, this whimsical embroidered percher with curling bow by Australian brand Amanda Lynn Millinery.

The Prince of Wales visited Tricker’s shoemakers in Northampton this week where he came across a familiar pair of lasts…
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Prince Albert, Princess Charlene and Prince Jacques greeted well wishers from the Monaco Palace balcony during the Celebration Of The Sainte-Devote last Sunday
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And finally, this sweet photo of Prince Carl Philip taking his two young songs, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel, for a winter walk

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British and Greek Royals Attend British Society Wedding

A wedding On Saturday, the great-granddaughter of the late Lord Mountbatten of Burma, Alexandra Knatchbull, was married to Thomas Hooper at Romsey Abbey, near the bride’s family estate Broadlands, in Hampshire.

Alexandra Natchbull, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats   Alexandra Natchbull, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats

The bride looked wonderfully elegant in a structured silk gown topped with a lace veil, anchored with the Mounbatten Star Tiara.

 Alexandra Natchbull, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats   Alexandra Natchbull, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats

The bride’s family has very close ties with the British royal family – she is a great-great-great granddaughter of Queen Victoria, her grandmother and the Duke of Edinburgh are first cousins, one of her godmothers was the late Princess of Wales, her mother and the Duke of Edinburgh are long-time carriage driving partners, her family’s estate played host to royal honeymoons of the Queen in 1947 and the Prince of Wales in 1981 –  and it was no surprise to see British royals attended the wedding. The Prince of Wales stepped in to escort the elegant bride into the church (her father Lord Brabourne is unwell and rumours are that relations are strained with his daughter following this scandal).

Alexandra Natchbull, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats  Alexandra Natchbull, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats

The bride’s mother, Lady Brabourne, topped her silver silk dress with a pale grey straw picture hat with sweeping brim and squared, flat topped crown. The hat is trimmed with a hat band, side bow and wide brim piping all made of the same silk as Penny’s dress, bringing the two pieces together in a unified and very elegant ensemble. We have seen Lady Brabourne in several similar picture hats with upswept brims and the style and scale suits her very well.

Lady Brabourne, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats  Lady Brabourne, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats  Lady Brabourne, June 25, 2016 | Royal HatsLady Brabourne, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: I believe it is Dillon Wallwork
Previously worn: This hat is new

The bride’s grandmother, Countess Mountbatten of Burma, wore a delphinium blue hat with upturned brim, edged in a wide stripe of silk. The same silk formed a ruched a pleated hatband around the base of the crown.

Countess Mountbatten of Burma, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats

Queen Elizabeth surprised not only by appearing at this event with the Duke of Edinburgh, but by also wearing a new hat. In a light coral straw, her hat features a short, sharply upswept brim on one side and a flat crown. The hat is embellished with silk edged ribbon bows on the side (the same ribbon looks to be used for overlapping hat bands around the base of the crown) and silk flowers. I think it’s a great hat for Her Majesty and really like the contrast between the hat’s crisp angles and it’s very soft, romantic trim.

Queen Elizabeth, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats  Queen Elizabeth, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats

Queen Elizabeth, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats  Queen Elizabeth, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously worn: This hat is new

As she is apt to do, Princess Anne wore a hat we’ve not seen on her in a while. With a pink silk ruched crown and slightly duller, thulian pink straw brim, the hat features a gently raised brim on one side and three straw calla lilies on the side. It’s nice to see Anne in some colour- I really like the shape of this brim and the straw flowers- but I’m not sold on the shiny silk crown. My favourite part of the ensemble is how the different shades and textures of pink combine to create a harmonious look that’s interesting and unified but not overly matchy.

Princess Anne, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats  Princess Anne, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: Walter Wright  
Previously worn: June 21, 2001 (and likely numerous others)

Princess Alexandra wore a cream straw hat with rounded crown and cartwheel brim embellished with a cream widely woven net veil, pale green silk roses and tiny curling feathers. It’s a great hat for her and I really like the height of the crown- slightly elevated but not as high as some of the other designs she wears.

 Princess Alexandra, June 25, 2016 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Designer: likely Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously worn: This hat is new

The wedding was also well attended by members of the Greek royal family (I didn’t realise until preparing this post that Alexandra Knatchbull was one of the bridesmaids at Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie-Chantall’s wedding back in 1995). Queen Sofia of Spain topped her grey suit with a headpiece made from grey silk leaves, beaded berry clusters and a swath of very fine grey net tulle. Her sister, Princess Irene of Greece, wore similar style headpiece of dotted navy net tulle, anchored with a simple navy bow.

Queen Sofia, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats   Queen Sofia, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats   Princess Irene of Greece, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats

Queen Anne-Marie of Greece topped her navy lace dress with a simple pillbox hat, trimmed in a slim bow. Anne-Marie’s short hairstyle favours small hats and she wears this navy pillbox well.

Queen Anne-Marie, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats   Queen Anne-Marie, June 25, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously worn: April 13, 2011; April 16, 2010

I thought there were some beautiful hats at this event- which ones stood out to you, most?

Photos from Rex Features and Rachel Adams via the Southern Daily Echo