Final Note About the Dutch Inauguration

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I thought we had wrapped up hat coverage of the Dutch Enthronement yesterday but then Princess Margarita (daughter of Princess Irene and first cousin to King Willem-Alexander) showed up for the black tie gala dinner last night in a headpiece! She must have been feeling particularly festive because she’s the only royal who did. Looking at the fascinator alone, I’m a fan. It’s feathery, light and substantial enough to be actually seen and in a lovely colour on Margarita. But when added to a bright pink sparkle dress, bright pink wrap and bright pink sparkle clutch?? It’s a bit much.

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5 thoughts on “Final Note About the Dutch Inauguration

  1. Best dressed of the day (except for Maxima in that royal blue sapphire dream). The fascinator is what takes this look from fantastic to EPIC.

  2. She looks like every young girl’s dream of what a princess looks like. Her dress is so beautiful. I also really like her hat. It just adds that final touch.

    • I didn’t like the other all-pink gowns and hats today but there is something about this dress together with this hat that is just stunning.

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