Belgian Royal Family Celebrate King’s Day

The Belgian Royals celebrated King’s Day yesterday with the traditional Te Deum mass. It was the first time we have seen King Albert and Queen Paola at this event (the reigning King and Queen do not attend King’s Day observance). Paola repeated her floppy chocolate velvet beret. I find this hat a little too informal for her although it does look quite nice with her coat. The real news of the day was when Paola took off her hat to unveil a chic new haircut.

Queen Paola, Nov 15, 2013  | The Royal Hats Blog Queen Paola, Nov 15, 2013  | The Royal Hats Blog Queen Paola, Nov 15, 2013  | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: February 19, 2013

Princess Claire was also in a chocolate hued hat, this one in wool felt with a large upturned brim. With her brown herringbone hat and velvet clutch, I thought her outfit was very elegant.

Princess Claire, Nov 15, 2013  | The Royal Hats Blog Princess Claire, Nov 15, 2013  | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: unknown

Princess Astrid wore my favourite hat of the day, this red square-crowned Bowler with brim that slanted downward on one side and upward on the other. It was a bold hat but styled with her camel coat, I thought she looked fantastic.

Princess Astrid, Nov 15, 2013  | The Royal Hats BlogPrincess Astrid, Nov 15, 2013  | The Royal Hats BlogDesigner: unknown  

While I missed seeing Queen Mathilde at this event (something we’ll have to get used to now that she is queen), it was wonderful to see the rest of the family today in this lineup of rather smart hats.Which one did you like best?

Belgian Royal Family | The Royal Hats Blog

Photos from Le Soir

11 thoughts on “Belgian Royal Family Celebrate King’s Day

  1. Claire’s hat was not only gorgeous but made her entire outfit the very picture of chic, IMO. Although all three ladies looked lovely, of course, and the men looked so dignified (albeit hatless). I do wish men would start wearing hats for dressy occasions again, they just look so classy!

  2. ohhh, I like Paola’s haircut the best of all! But of the hats, I like P Claire’s the best with her whole outfit, but that red one is a very close second! Thank you for the pictures!

  3. Ooh, another controversial description! My definition of a bowler hat would never include this type of square crown – to me they’re the very Essence of Oval from the top, and rounded in profile, and both the brim and the crown have to be very stiff (whereas this looks more like ordinary shaped felt). However, I do like the hat… Claire’s chocolate brown is great too, and I guess it’s the change in light that makes it look as though it matches the fur in some shots and not in others. Perhaps Paola’s big floppy hat was subconscious compensation for the unnaturally light feeling of her hair?

    • I do what I can to keep you on your toes, Bristol, with these controversial descriptions! I too thought that bowlers always had rounded crowns until I was doing some research (we’re going to look at the Bowler this week) and found out that they can be square as well. That surprised me.

  4. We don’t see many hats like Queen Paola’s chocolate velvet. It looks like a very comfortable but underused hat style. The bold red colour of Princess Astrid’s hat I think stood out too much compared to the others. Maybe a darker red?

  5. I think Princess Claire won the day! I love her hat and her entire outfit. Queen Paola and Princess Astrid’s hats were just ok for me. I think Princess Astrid’s hideous shoes distracted me from her hat! Yikes!!! I’m glad Paola’s hat was brown because if it was white it would look like Chef Boyardee’s hat! (from the canned spaghetti and ravioli cans) I’m so bad…forgive me everyone! 🙂

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