Christmas Day With the Walses

The Queen was accompanied by her family to the Church of St. Mary Magdalene near the Sandringham Estate yesterday for Christmas Day service. As per tradition, the ladies were all in hats. The Duchess of Cornwall repeated a marine blue wool picture hat with tilted brim and square crown. I am really torn on this hat- on one hand, it is a beautiful shape and the colour is magnificent. But that unusual “rope” of coordinating wool felt wrapped around the crown looks like a giant sausage and I want so badly to remove it.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: March 19, 2012

The Duchess of Cambridge unveiled a new hat, made by Gina Foster. This emerald green hard shell beret with large bow coordinated beautifully with her Alexander McQueen plaid coat. It’s a little cutesy but the whole look was very festive and I thought Kate looked great in green. What do you think of these two hats?

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Gina Foster. This is the “Mirabel” hat

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24 thoughts on “Christmas Day With the Walses

    • I think both hats are a little costumey. I don’t like that rope around Camilla’s hat although that shade of blue is beautiful. Kate’s hat is very twee and cutesy. I don’t like the bow on it at all.

  1. Camillas hat is okay, had she lost the sausage, it would have been great.
    Kates hat is a size too big for her head and it should have been worn more off to the side with her hair up. Im also not liking it with the green coat as I dont think the shades of green on the coat and hat work well together. Perhaps a blue of black hat would have been a better choice.

  2. I agree with everyone here. Camilla’s hat is beautiful but only without that awful snake looking thing wrapped around it. Kate looks so beautiful in this hat. She wears this shaped hat a lot but it works for her and she has many, many years of being royal to try out different shapes of hats.

  3. I really loved that colour of green on Kate’s hat. I hope that means there’s an outfit to match we haven’t seen yet, as I thought it really suited Kate beautifully.

  4. The DofC, that rope or sausage….lolololo, looks like it’s going to jump off the hat, I love the color, the coat, the scarf and if she would have had a beautiful jewel stick pin on the hat, then it would have been perfect. Catherine, oh, she looked great, love the color green on her, and that hat is so cute and perched on her head at the right angle, the coat dress she wore before, yes, she looked fabulous.

  5. Wow, Camilla. She just looks better and better all the time. I agree about the sausage trim on the hat but the coat, dress, and scarf are perfect. She has found her own style finally and she looks fantastic. Same with Sophie.

  6. The trim on Camilla’s hat is very strange. At first it reminded me of that scrunchy hat that was on our bad list. Catherine looked lovely. Much prefer her in this longer length than what she usually wears. A bit more dignified.

  7. Yes, it is the free end of the “rope” that makes it look sausage-like! Apart from that, I don’t mind it at all, and the hat is really handsome. But… just not on the Duchess of Cornwall. I don’t know if it is because the more squared shape is very uncommon on the Duchess, but to me it doesn’t seem to suit her face as well as the more rounded lines of her usual hats. Maybe I need to be a bit less trammelled in my thinking. I like the Duchess of Cambridge’s green hat, a variation on her most common theme, but a nice version.

  8. The Duchess of Cambridge’s outfit is fantastic, both in style and in color for the coat. Yes, it’s good that it’s a longer length than some of hers have been.
    I like the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat too — except for the sausage rope. Either tuck it in, as Rodney suggested might help, or shrink its diameter to a small rope. But the hat coordinates nicely with the coat, infinitely better than at its first wearing.

  9. I like both of these hats and green is my favorite color. I also like the Duchess of Cambridge’s plaid coat which is perfect with this hat. The Duchess of Cornwall’s hat would be better if the trim around the hat had the end “tucked in” or switched out completely. I think the end sticking out like that is what gives the hat a “sausage” or “snake” effect.

  10. I like Kate’s hat very much and it is perfect with the coat (which I think has had the hem lengthened to good effect). Camilla’s hat is lovely also, but I agree with your assessment of the trim, if it was a bit skinner it would work

  11. I liked both of these – thought both ladies looked great. I am curious to see a better photo of Sophie’s hat – the few I saw gave me the impression her hat was a close match to Kate’s only Sophie’s was in black.

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