Princess Kiko Opens Hospital

Princess Kiko officially opened the new Aiiku Hospital in Tokyo today. The hospital, which is administered by the Association for Maternal/Child Health & Welfare of which Princess Kiko is president, originally opened in 1938. For this event, Princess Kiko wore a new fabric covered bumper hat which coordinated with her lime suit. It is not the most exciting of royal hats but Kiko certainly wears this bright shade of green well, doesn’t she?

Princess Kiko, January 21, 2015 | Royal Hats

Photo from Asahi

8 thoughts on “Princess Kiko Opens Hospital

  1. Princess Kiko’s look is classic, dignified, and unfussy, so perfect for opening Aiiku Hospital, which is a very formal event. Princess Kiko suits the lime fabric covered bumper hat, and I think it was a good idea to keep it simple because of its bright lime green and especially with the matching lime suit. She really does wear this bright shade of lime green well. Her jewels also look perfect with this ensemble.

  2. Princess Kiko’s outfit, along with her hat, look less like a military uniform than I have normally seen. She looks wonderful from her suit, to her hat, even to her understated jewelry. Very refreshing.

  3. Princess Kiko looks lovely in lime, and it’s a hard colour to wear. I also thought Queen Elizabeth the Second looked lovely in an even brighter lime last year at the D-Day memorial service. Princess Kiko’s hat looks simple and elegant and her jewels work well with the outfit as well.

  4. I am not usually a fan of the imperial house’s standardized style. But that color is so nice on her, and in the moment captured in this shot she looks so lovely against the white background with that particular ribbon stretched just-so in front of her…I almost see the appeal of their severe, plain choices. Almost.

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