One Hat, Six Looks

Royal Hats Most royals change the look of a hat by mixing it with different outfits. While Crown Princess Mary of Denmark does this to great effect, there is a particular hat in her millinery closet that has undergone more transformation than other royal hats. We have seen her wear this piece six different ways, to date.

Look 1 “The Hat”: A simple straw hat in natural straw designed by Susanne Juul with a square crown and slightly raised brim on one side.

On a July 29, 2004 visit to Sonderborg

Look 2: Hat with added pink and tan straw fluted flower trim.

Crown Princess Mary, May 5, 2005 in Susanne Juul |Royal Hats Crown Princess Mary, September 18, 2009 in Susanne Juul |Royal Hats

Launching a Maersk container ship, May 5, 2005; touring new stables at Christiansborg Palace, September 18, 2009

Look 3: Hat trimmed with a periwinkle blue silk folded flower with feathers

Opening the Copenhagen City Beach on August 18, 2005 

Look 4: Hat with a red straw hibiscus bloom

At the April 30, 2006 60th birthday celebrations of King Carl Gustaf of Sweden

Look 5: Hat with trimming of cream straw bow and feathers

Visiting the island of Bornholm, June 22, 2006

Look 6: Hat with a considerably larger trimming of cream straw bow loops, leaves and feathers

Crown Princess Mary, October 8, 2007 in Susanne Juul |Royal Hats  Crown Princess Mary, October 8, 2007 in Susanne Juul |Royal Hats

On an October 8, 2007 visit to Romania

Seeing a royal hat worn six different ways begs the question, dearest readers, which way do you like it best?

Photos from Getty as indicated; Lars K. Mikkelson/Scanpix; Stella Pictures; Sorin Lupsa via the Office of the Romanian President

29 thoughts on “One Hat, Six Looks

  1. This is a perfect post to show my clients. They are always so worried about matching their hat color to their outfit exactly and how the hat is suppose to be worn. I always tell them that the Royals quite often wear hats that are different shades and even different tones than their outfits. I also tell them it doesn’t matter how they wear the hat. No one can see where the tag is, do what makes you feel comfortable, embellish and change embellishments. Great Post! I like look 5 especially with the layered dark coat!

  2. When we were looking at Camilla’s many cream hats I wondered why she didn’t just have rotating trims and here along comes Mary to show us just that. Love!

  3. I like this a lot. One thing that often bothers me is waste, and I do wish some of our royals mixed and matched it up a bit more. Max and Mary do it oh so well, creating new looks all the time with old pieces. Kate on the other hand buys god knows how many hats that are almost identical and wears them once or twice.

    Anyway, back to thrifty Mary. This is a great idea and turns out I like them all. The red and cream in particular is really lovely.

  4. What a great idea, and how thrifty of her to do this. This hat is perfect for the shape of her face, she is one very beautiful woman who has learned what style is perfect for her. I love the red hibiscus flower on the hat, that really brings out her color and makes her eyes look brighter. I so look forwarded to more of these hats being used in different ways. Thank You Hat Queen for a wonder trip on the different ways to use and wear a hat…

  5. After seeing photos #2-#6, I think #1 looks a little plain. It’s such a beautifully styled hat, and until I saw the other photos, I thought the simple, untrimmed hat was fine. Switching the flowers from side to side is a good idea too.
    I look forward to additional versions!

  6. Thank you HatQueen for such an interesting post which has further increased my admiration for Mary – one very stylish and a thrifty royal lady. I would be fascinated to know does Mary have a role in choosing and fixing the different hat trims her self or does a stylist/ dresser do this? A question we probably will never know the answer to but goodness I would love to be a fly on Mary’s dressing room wall!

  7. I like Look #2 just because I like the pink and tan flower and Look #6 because of the cream jacket she is wearing. Fantastic way to save money with all the hats and outfits these royals are expected to wear.

    • Embed from Getty Images

    • Here’s also a closer look at the trim. It’s not a leaf- I think it’s a stylised hibiscus bloom

      Embed from Getty Images

  8. I have always loved this hat and you’ve shown how versatile it is! I like the blue flower trim the least even though it makes the most adorable maternity outfit with that blue dress.

  9. This hat is more than flattering on Mary, so it’s no wonder she bought an untrimmed version of it and various trimmings that easily attach. Love the thriftiness of it, although I don’t think it was as successful with looks 4 and 5 because there is a gap between the trimmings and the brim of the hat, which makes it look more clipped on than it should. It is a minor complaint however, and I would like to see more/different colors and some larger trimmings in the future to mix it up more; a little too much beige for my tastes. It’s time she revives this one!

  10. It all works because the base hat shape is a great shape.

    I wish Mary gave lessons in successful mixing and matching to a lot of other royals.

  11. I like it every which way, but maybe the tan and pink trimming best. I especially love Crown Princess Mary for repeatedly restyling this hat and using it so many times. That is so thrifty! And it looks great every time. Well, she looks great every time too… 🙂

  12. What a smart idea to match a hat to different outfits. I wouldn’t have noticed they were the same hat if you didn’t point it out.

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