Inventory: Princess Charlene’s Black Hats

Since we have not yet completed any hat inventories for the Princess of Monaco, I thought it would be a good idea to peek into her closet for our next review of black hats. Since becoming a princess in 2011, Charlene has worn three black hats.  Here they are, in the order they were introduced:

1.   2.
Designers: unknown
Introduced: November 19, 2012; November 19, 2014

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan; unknown
Introduced: November 13, 2016

UPDATE: Since this post was published, Princess Charlene has added the following black hats to her wardrobe:

4.  5.
Designer: unknown; Gallia and Peter for Akris
Introduced: April 22, 2017
; November 19, 2018

  6.  7. 8.
Designer: unknown; Dior; Dior
Introduced: April 13, 2019; November 19, 2020
; December 16, 2020

Charlene does not wear hats often (usually just once a year for Monaco’s National Day) so I was surprised to find three pieces in her rather meagre millinery closet. #1 and #3 are braver designs (something I’ll always applaud) while #2 is as quintessentially French as as it gets. Do any of these pieces strike your fancy?

Photos from Getty as indicated; Mark Cuthbert and Pascal Le Segretain via Getty; Timothy Horgan; Palais Princier de Monaco; Stephane Cardinale/Corbis via Getty; Palais Princier de Monaco; Valery Hache/AFP via Getty; Palais Princier de Monaco

14 thoughts on “Inventory: Princess Charlene’s Black Hats

  1. I like number 3 – but only from the front, the side view is very unappealing. Number 1 is squashed down too low and doesn’t suit her at all. The beret is ok. Obviously Albert doesn’t like the knit hat – see the look on his face!

  2. Ah, Princess Charlene…tres chic…all three hats are fabulous. And all three are worn with the perfect outfit, especially number one!

  3. I would love to see her in some large brimmed hats a la Max and Camilla. She has the height and style to carry them off. Unfortunately that’s simply not PC’s personality.

  4. IMO, number 3 suits her best. So glad she’s discovered Rachel Trevor Morgan. Between this and the red/white pyramid that made the “best” polls, I think we can readonably expect good things to come. Crossing my fingers that she will increase her hat-wearing occasions in the process.

  5. My fave is #3 the RTM. It’s not just the slightly unusual shape and the bow (no mouse-ear associations for me), plus the perfect angle on her head, it’s the coordination with the perfect outfit (LOVE the polo neck top, which so complements a hat worn well off the forehead). Next comes the beret, a perfect example of its type with plenty of width and structure — not too small like so many.
    Finally the bumper hat. I agree with Southern Belle and Edie that this hat doesn’t suit Charlene’s face, at least when worn so low. If she wore it off her forehead like her other small hats, it might look just fine

  6. I love the beret on her! Hat #1 is ok, although the veiling looks like an afterthought. I really like the RTM except for the twin bows in front. One on the side, or in the back would work better and avoid the ‘ear’ look.

  7. Princess Charlene has a broad, triangular face and many of her hats look too small on her (#1 especially.) I think she would look fabulous in larger hats such as Camilla wears.

    • Very much agree about hat #1. Pretty hat in itself, but it looks totally out of proportion on her. The beret is by far the best looking on her. (And although it doesn’t count in this assessment, the knitted cap looks well too.)

  8. I really like number 1. Thing with Charlene is that she does chic very well. She never looks bad, and always stylish and elegant. But of course that frequently tips over into dull, and we don’t come here for dull so we! So number one for me, as at least it’s classic with a slight modern edge.

  9. From the side, I quite like the third hat. But, from the front, it has a kind of Mickey Mouse ears look to me. The first hat is chic, but rather severe – perhaps it is the placement? So that leaves the beret. It looks wonderful on her. Best of the lot for me.

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