Hat From The Past

Royal Hats to 130 years ago this year to this snap of Queen Victoria with her Indian born servant, Abdul Karim. The hat and turban are magnificent, as was, by remaining accounts, the relationship these two shared.

 Have any of you seen the recently released film “Victoria and Abdul”?
Photo from social media as indicated

10 thoughts on “Hat From The Past

  1. I saw “Victoria & Abdul” last year in the cinema. It was a nice movie and I thought Judi Dench did a great job as Queen Victoria; the film definitely rushed along the timeline, as they had a working relationship for 15 years, whereas in the movie it seems like maybe only a few. The racism and prejudice of the Royal Household was not held back in the film either. I’m glad the story was able to come to light after Edward VII and others tried to erase all memory of Abdul.

    • We just watched the beginning of Season 2 of “Victoria” on PBS last night, and find myself running to Funk and Wagnall’s, checking for historical accuracy and completeness. Any reactions to this production from any of you more well versed, knowledgeable Anglophiles out there?

  2. I have never liked Victorian caps/bonnets — all those old photos with fully-grown women wearing what look like baby’s or little girls’ bonnets seem somehow frivolous and undignified, to my eye.
    Still, perhaps it’s not the hats’ fault – maybe they just need another context. Russian haute couture designer Ulyana Sergeenko included tied-under-the-chin bonnets by Stephen Jones in her 2013 collection http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8099/8602150399_31b58173df_o.jpg And below, the designer wears one from her collection herself.

    I find myself quite liking Jones’s modern bonnet (or is it called a tied cap?) so maybe I would even like the cap the Queen is wearing, if I saw it worn today. By Mette-Marit, perhaps?

  3. Queen Victoria’s hat sure is something! I’m not sure what, but it is something all right, it looks like a bag of fabric tied on with black strips, And under the chin for heavens sake. I know that it may have been the style of the day but for goodness sake she could have her milliner design anything she wanted and could have done much better than this, Abdul’s turban is much better IMO. Very masculine and not dated in any way.

    • I forgot to comment: the ever-present famous red box, and canine companion in HQ’s post, and the picture above. Tradition.

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