Dutch Queen Names Vessel

On Friday, Queen Máxima was in Rotterdam to attend the naming ceremony of the dredger VOX Amalia. For this event, she repeated her avocado felt hat with flat crown and wide, cartwheel brim trimmed with Petersham ribbon brim binding, hatband, and back bow.

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We saw this hat less than a month ago, paired with the same hounds tooth check coat. Friday’s outing also included the chartreuse silk dress worn with this hat at its debut…. while I want the combination of green-ish items to work, I’m afraid the mix of shades and sheens is a bit to unconnected for the ensemble to read harmonious for me. Styling aside, the shape and scale this a great hat for Máxima

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Nov 22, 2018May 23, 2018
What do you think of Queen Máxima’s avocado hat on Friday in Rotterdam?
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8 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Names Vessel

  1. Oh my, she’s put both outfits together for this hat’s third appearance? The coat is too much here for me unfortunately, and I still dislike those gloves. Without the coat I like the whole look, although it says more fall or spring than winter to me. I hope we get a completely new outfit next time we see this hat, because it deserves it!

  2. I adore this styling! the last pairing of this beautiful hat, with the matching houndstooth coat and dress, was to my eye too bland and one-note.The overall colour scheme left the hat colour looking dull and insipid, and the relative paucity of detail on the coat/dress combo and insufficient contrast meant the outfit lacked focus.
    Now that the chartreuse dress is back, the outfit has come to life again: I like the tension between the the felt of the hat, the satin of the dress (which picks up the shine of the ribbon on the hat) and the patterned texture of the coat –which, far from appearing bland, is here a strong third player adding spice to the look, and needed balance to all that shine.Plus it slightly hides the flower embellishment on the dress, which IMO doesn’t hurt.
    And the fab fishnet gloves are back again :), plus those cluster earrings (my pick of the three to date). All in all, my favourite wearing of this hat.

    • Mcncln, you make such a good case for this ensemble, but I still can’t buy it. The shiny chartreuse dress with the subdued shades of the hat and dress is just too jarring to my eye.

      But that is a great thing about this blog: seeing the range of opinions.

    • mcncIn, I will post my upvote with you for this outfit. I found the hounds tooth dress with the hounds tooth coat too much for my eye and I think the shine of this dress helps balance it out. As for the match of the colors I would leave that for someone who was there in person to decide.

  3. I’m happy to see this lovely hat again! The dress/coat/hat colours might have looked more complementary in person – they don’t QUITE work on my screen. However, props to Max for giving them a go – love her adventurous spirit.

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