Dutch Monarchs Visit Germany

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima arrived in Germany today for their annual economic mission, this year kicking off the trip in Bremen. Queen Máxima repeated her navy smocked silk crepe and georgette organza calot headpiece embroidered with narrow metal bugle beads.

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I’ll admit- I swoon a bit when Máxima trots out an orange ensemble for foreign visits, sartorially flying the flag for the House of Orange. This dress and coat are individually, such strong looks that some restraint on the hat is a good thing to keep the ensemble in check. This time, I can’t help wondering how of Fabienne Delvigne’s signature ‘slice’ sideswept picture hats – maybe in navy straw- would look in place of this calot. Too much? Maybe. As much as the calot shape is not my favourite, it serves good purpose for working royal events/visits such as these.
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Designer: likely Jan Taminau
Previously Worn: Feb 8, 2018Apr 27, 2017
Any new thoughts about this headpiece on this, its second outing?
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11 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Visit Germany

  1. The “brain coral” hat still doesn’t wow me. It’s a good example of how even when you use exactly the same fabric as the dress, the resultant “matching” hat can easily look over-worked and over-thought. The effect of tightly twisting the stripes around in swirls on the calot has resulted in a rough, natural, handicraft look which seems at odds with the elevated couturier style we associate with Jan Taminiau, and which I am sure was the goal of the ensemble. In short, not a great end result. I must say, however, that Princess Beatrice of York could easily integrate an unusual one-off hat like this into her own style.

    So what hat would look better? I think the dress and the cape coordinate well, however there are issues of balance. Not only is the cape made of a fabric which sadly behaves like a fluffy bathrobe, but all the visual focus of the ensemble centres on the forearm sleeves of the dress — with secondary focal points being the orange gloves, bag, shoes and orange part of the cape – which are all at, or below, waist level. The 1/2 body pics hide the problem; but the full body shots (front view) show that there is virtually no detail or contrast colour in the upper part of the ensemble to bring attention up to the face. The coat neckline is un-detailed and sits awkwardly, and the brain coral hat, while it helps the side views, is barely visible from the front — which is a major drawback.
    A raised halo/bandeau headpiece in navy, visible from the front, would solve the focus problem. A large slice hat in navy would also create upper focus, although the cape is possibly a tad long and wide for that to appear balanced. The indisputable visual dominance of the stripey dress sleeves is the flaw in this coat/dress combination. If the dress sleeves were 3/4 covered with navy cape sleeves, the focal points would be more equally balanced, and a number of plain hat shapes of varying scale, in either navy or orange could work.

  2. If old school royal dressing was still the norm then is ensemble would take the prize as a great example of the designer giving Maxima a perfect outfit. I remember when she wore the hat before and I like it just as much now as I did then. I have no quibbles about the placement. The dress and cloak are beautiful and unique. My favorite accessory is her purse, it’s the correct size for a royal lady, and it has a strap for carrying.

  3. While a calot may be a bit more appropriate for the occasion, I think a navy slice hat (or my beloved 2005 Prinsjesdag orange picture hat) would be a better choice for an outfit that is not subtle in its dramatic flair (which I absolutely love!). Her less-tidy hairstyle and odd placement of this hat (it looks to tilt up on her left side) make me dislike this hat compared to its first appearance almost 2 years ago (how has it already been that long??), causing me to want something larger even more.

  4. I still think this is a show stopper of an outfit. When the coat is off (as in the last appearance), it makes the need for a subdued hat more obvious. I just wish it were a bit further forward, and that her hair looked a bit more polished, it’s not her best hair day today.

  5. The calot is my favorite hat shape and I really like this hat on Queen Maxima. However, the placement is too far back and I fear it will slide off the back of her head! The calot should be positioned over the crown of the head but thank goodness for hat pins and combs. Overall this ensemble is a winner for me.

  6. At first I was in agreement with you, but I have changed my mind. I like the way this hat makes a “quiet statement” and yet, from some views, is invisible. It takes someone with real presence to wear this ensemble down to the orange leather gloves! And Queen Maxima is just that person!

  7. I think you’re 100% right– this is one of those outfits that’s so amazing and distinctive that the hat really does need to recede a bit. I like that its shape is snug to the head so it doesn’t add any additional silhouette to the one created by the garment.

    • This is a good insight, Shannon. It’s a fabulous ensemble and a big hat would overdo. The shape and placement work so well with this hairdo too – maybe think of it as a dressy hairpiece instead of a “hat” per se?

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